My name is Zoë O Connor (with the dots over the 'e', trust me they are important) and I am a blogger, journalist and YouTuber. 

I was born in 1999, which, unfortunately, is not the name of Taylor Swift's best selling album. So, I am technically pretty new to the world, with that 'beautiful young skin' that my relatives fawn over. I am Irish and proud; except I have hardly any accent, which could be a good or bad thing I guess. 

I currently write for two publications, '' and 'Connect Magazine'. 

Blog Beginnings

I started my blog in 2013, and it all began to take off from there. I originally started to give an insight into the mind of a teenager, but now I have broadened my horizons, and tend to write about any topics that appeal to me. 

I also tend to document my travels and adventures here as well.