Below are a couple of frequently asked questions; and I hope they can help you.

What is the name of your YouTube channel? 

I am clearly very unoriginal, and my YouTube channel is just called Zoe O Connor. 

What age are you and where do you live? 

I was born on the 24th of February 1999, which makes me 17 years old currently. 

I would prefer not to give away by exact location, but I do live in Ireland, very far away from any city...

Where do you get the inspiration for your blogposts? 

I really don't think that you want to know what goes on in my mind most of the time, but usually I get ideas for blogposts or articles just before I fall asleep. And just because I have the memory of a goldfish for these kind of things, I normally have to get up and write them down to have any hope of ever writing it. 

So I can say that I may have lost the idea for a multi award winning masterpiece in a moment of laziness. 

Where can we read your other articles? 

You can read my weekly columns on Tralee Today ; which I sometimes repost to here if I am particularly proud of them.