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Getting back into the swing of things after transition year has been an interesting process. As I have already mentioned, my new school is very different from my last school. It is all about the results and all about the exams; which is obviously a super good thing but DAMN is it stressful. 

I had my october assessments this past week and wow - the stress. The problem is though that it's not actually the teachers fault for making you so damn stressed. It's actually your own fault. Because this school makes you CARE. I always used to care about results and I always used to study just because I am that type of person, but this year is just a totally different ball game. 

Andi (who you would have seen many times before), who hardly even studied for major exams, is studying so damn hard now and I AM SO PROUD of her. But, I have never seen her so stressed out, she never stops studying. Her mom is so proud of her though, which is so sweet. 

Whenever I tell people that I just had exams they are so shocked because all the other schools aren't even close to that stage yet. Perks of a private school lol. 

Also, another thing that sorta sucks is that we only get 3 days off for our midterm. 3 days. Which means that I won't be able to get up and see my dad, which means that I won't see him until Christmas. Which sucks. I also won't see my baby bro until then and I can't even imagine how big he's going to be. He's growing so quick - he'll probably have forgotten me by then! 

BUT - do not fear, I am keeping really up to date on all my video content at the moment. I film everything on the weekends because as you may know, I upload every Friday now. Even though I miss the days of multiple uploads a week, it gives me much more time to produce quality content, which makes me really happy. I hope it makes you guys happy too :) 

I'm sorry that this is such a long post - it's more like a diary entry than anything else, but you know, it's Sunday and I haven't got a whole pile going on right now. Mainly because I can't drive yet and the parentals won't drop me places! 

School tomorrow and guess who didn't study their Irish essay - THAT'S ME. 

Before I ramble any longer.... 

Much love, 



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Don't Undervalue Yourself

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