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Don't Undervalue Yourself

Don't Undervalue Yourself

Everyone is talented. Whether your talent is being a pro footballer, or if you can make a mean batch of buns; we all possess some sort of talent, that much is true. 

In the working world, a place that I am slowly crawling towards, it seems to me that everyones talents can be utilised in some way or another. You don’t need to be amazing at everything; even though some people seem to possess many talents; while I’m over here insisting that it is impossible to be good at English AND maths.. 

Anyway, once you find your niche, you will soon find yourself invaluable to those around you. 

That’s exactly it, what you are doing has value. So I believe that it is only fair that no matter what line of work that you are in, that you put some sort of value in what you are doing. 

I am not telling you to throw a strop and start moaning to everyone around you that you need to be appreciated more. That’s not how it works. However, I think that if you set the mark straight from the beginning, then people will know where they stand with you. 

If you begin the way that you mean to go on, then people will never have the option to walk all over you and expect the same from you in the future. Obviously, there are exceptions to this rule. For example, if you walk in on your first day as an intern or on work experience and start demanding things left, right and centre; that doesn’t exactly make the best impression. If you are the intern, just accept that you are going to have to work your way up the ranks first. You have a lot of packing goodie bags ahead of you my friend. 

Contrary to popular belief there are a lot of nice people in the world, and I am constantly seeing people doing little extra bits of work or going out of there way to do things for others when they didn’t technically need too. All just because they were just being nice people. 

Or when people are quoting for jobs, they tend to throw in an extra few bits for free or even doing the entire thing as a favour. Which just proves how generous people can be; but we can’t expect this all the time from people and we definitely can’t be offended when we don’t get these ‘special favours’ all the time. I mean these people gotta eat too. 

So if you are the person who goes out of your way to be nice to others; then good on you, but don’t forget how valuable you are. I think if we all put a little more value on our own self-worth, it can’t harm anybody. 

The bottom line really is that you shouldn’t undervalue yourself just to be seen as a “nice person”. People will take advantage of you for that very reason, and that ain’t fun, trust me. 

But still be a nice human being, because you know, karma.

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