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Things That Make Me Happy || English Essay

Things That Make Me Happy || English Essay

This is my most recent English personal essay and I was really proud of it, so I thought that you guys might be interested. So I hope you are... I'm not sure what grade or percentage I will get on it, but I will let you know... 

Let me know what you think.

Tears streaming down my face, I gasp for breath. Once again, I am rendered useless; like a fish out of water.

I am euphoric. 

My lungs allow me to suck in a couple more frantic breaths before my body is overcome by the giggles that rattle my body once more. It's always like this. It's a very dangerous exercise to make me laugh. There is no guarantee that I will ever stop. My laughing fits usually end with spider webs of mascara heavy tears all down my face as if my brain has strategically connected my tear ducts to this action; as if it wasn't embarrassing enough. It's probably worse for the poor victim who decided that it would be a good idea to make me laugh in the first place. A few minutes into laughing uncontrollably at something they said, they are probably contemplating whether or not to call an ambulance, or possibly the nearest mental institution. I am never as happy as when I'm laughing. It is the noise of utter content and I am lucky enough to produce it often. Laughing not only displays my happiness, but it is one of the things that makes me really genuinely happy. 

My lungs tend to suffer whenever I'm happy; as when I'm not laughing, I'm probably screaming. It comes with the utter elation produced at concerts. The screaming generally begins when you actually get your hands on the tickets; your virtual hands at least. Then you tend to produce an array of inhuman noises as the concert draws near. When I do eventually get there, I try to breath in the tangible scent of pure excitement and adrenaline, because there is truly nothing like it. Then there's this one moment, just before the act steps on stage, where you're screaming so loud that your ears are ringing and just as your lungs are about to give out; silence. That is one of the moments where the phrase "the calm before the storm" comes to mind. Except this storm is filled with heavenly vocals, guitar solos, costume changes, dance routines, drums; and complete and utter happiness. 

Emotionally charged moments are clearly very common in all of the things that make me happy. There are a few of them that give my vocal chords a break. Like long hugs from someone who isn't afraid to squeeze you as if they are never letting go. Or that feeling of release after a long cry where you can actually feel your worries lifting off your shoulders. Or when you're feeling down and the only remedy comes in the human form of my little ball of light Andi. I guess there's something oddly comforting in having a best friend who would kill for you and who you would kill for.

Despite the subtle murder reference, my favourite time of year is not Halloween; but I do love the Autumn. I love the Autumn leaves as they lie crisp and colourful along every side of every footpath. I love the feeling of clutching your frostbitten hands to a massive mug of hot chocolate. I love the first outing of my winter boots and my favourite tv shows returning. I even love coming back to school, as it is the perfect reason for my friends to be forced to see me everyday. I love it all and you'll never see my cheeks as rosy or my smile as wide during the Autumn and Winter months. Or you'll never see my glee so evident as when I finally witness the Coca Cola Christmas ad on tv. These are just a few of the simple things that I love about something as normal as the change of the seasons. 

Another one of the infinite things in this world that make me happy has to be the allure of adventure. The idea of being able to get on a plane and go anywhere in the world fills me with as much glee as a child on Christmas morning. There is just something so fulfilling about pulling my suitcase behind me through an airport teeming with people who possess the same need for exploration that I do. I can just imagine someday soon, roaming around the world with a collection of my closet friends. And I know that we may not have a penny to our names or a proper bed to sleep on; but at least we will be doing one of the things that make us happy. 

I love the fact that even little sounds can bring me immense happiness. Like when I hear my dad's keys in the door or the whoosh sound your email makes after you finally press send. or the satisfying sound of the toast popping out of the toaster. Even the comforting sound of fingers drumming against a keyboard rank high in the things that make me happy. 

Or what about all the other things, like daydreaming... massive jumpers... the simplicity and starkness of the colour white.. sweet and sticky smell of puppy breath... cats... online shopping... birthdays... running so fast you feel like you could fly... tea... writing... old friends...new friends and of course, marshmallows. 

Despite the scarily large  spectrum of things that make me happy; there is one that ranks very high. It may sounds cheesy or cliché, but I love surprises. I'm not talking about a surprise maths or test or anything, but I am talking about that joy of something randomly popping up in your calendar. Like when your best friend decides to randomly show up at your door or when you get a letter in the post that isn't from the bank or a phone company. Just these little surprises can be the thing that successfully makes your day.

And sometimes I laugh at how amazing our lives can be... and we all know that I love to laugh. 

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