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What I Got for Christmas

What I Got for Christmas

Despite the requests, this year I have decided not to a whole video on all the things that I was lucky enough to receive this Christmas. I was particularly lucky this year and people were VERY generous; and even though I am beyond appreciative of that fact, I thought it mightn't be the best to share that on the internet. 

However, to show some of my appreciation, I took a couple of pics of some of the highlights from this year. There were of course a lot more sweets involved, but I decided that your mouth may already be watering enough at my Marc Jacobs Bag that by Mom bought for me. This is my first ever designer bag and I am absolutely thrilled with it. 

I couldn't actually find the exact one online but this one is pretty similar. Just with different detailing and things. I'm sorry that I featured so many pics of this beauty but I can't just get over the fact that I own this guy. WOW. 

So once you manage to click through all the pictures of my bag; I just featured a couple of cute little bits that I got as well. As much as I love all the other things that I received (genuinely I'm overwhelmed by it all), I didn't go into too much detail with it. I don't want anyone to accuse me of bragging. 

Here are the items featured:

Kate Spade "You Can Never Be Overdressed or Overeducated" Notebook (similar here)

Kate Spade Pencil Set (similar here)

Vogue Colouring Book (couldn't find this beauty anywhere) 

The final thing is a beautiful and thoughtful scrapbook that my Granny, Ange, gave to me. It is a collection of photos from her childhood, and I love it. A very sentimental gift that I will treasure forever. 

I hope that you all had an amazing Christmas with the people that you love and just remember that it's not about the gifts. 

Merry Christmas x 




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