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How I Edit My Instagram Photos | White Theme

How I Edit My Instagram Photos | White Theme

I know that it's nearly Christmas (well basically), and even though I can't send all of you a present, I decided to do the next best thing. Well not really I guess, but let's play along. 

I am going to show you how I edit my instagram photos, because some of you are really interested. Which makes me oddly happy because maybe that means that some of you are as crazy as me. 

I admit it I have a problem. I am far too obsessed with my instagram theme. FAR too obsessed. For most people instagram is just another social media platform where you can just post whatever photos picks your fancy. Maybe a picture of your puppy or of your food at a restaurant. In a way, I envy these people; they can just post whatever they want whenever they want. 

For those of us with a theme however, it is a much more laborious process. I personally don't take a lot of photos unless I know that they can later be edited to fit in with my instagram theme. Don't worry, I am aware of how sad this is, but it's true. 

My theme has gone through many cycles before it reached it's current state. I have maintained a white theme for a good while now. Which means that generally there has to be a large portion of white somewhere in my photo. As you may already be aware, the world is not a white place. So I have to edit the picture to make it fit the brightness of my theme, sometimes with painstaking effort. 

So for those of you who wish to achieve a similar theme you may enjoy this. Also I filmed a video on how to edit my instagram photos not too long ago, but I did it quite differently with purely free apps, and this turned out a little differently. So that video is linked above. 

Taking the Picture

Generally my rule of thumb is that there has to be something white in the picture. But I tend to break this rule a lot as I can just edit it in later - which doesn't lead to the best pictures every time admittedly. 

  • Selfies must be taken against white walls; same applies to group photos. 
  • If you're shooting off other items (makeup products, your Starbucks order etc); you need a white table, wall or floor. You can use your white bedsheets as well, but this adds a weird texture. Marble floors can also be very cute but it depends what look you're going for. 
  • Outdoor shots can be a tricky one. I usually go for ones that are more 'sky' based. This is usually the easiest to make whiter - but people will still be weirded out by that particular feature. 
  • Mirror shots are a must for me, and white dressing rooms are my favourite things ever. Especially if they have good lighting. Shoutout to Zara dressing rooms who have perfect ones for my theme (lol, I'm cringing at myself)

Apps Used

Facetune - approx 2.99

I finally caved and bought this app not so long ago and it's a total game changer. I love it so much and it largely responsible for how my photos turn out. 

I never use it for it's actual purpose; editing my face. I just don't see the point and I don't really get how to use all the tools. There are a LOT of them. 

Aviary - free

This used to be my main man so to speak. But now I only use it for it's brightness and contrast features, which actually make a HUGE difference. 

There are loads of apps like this out there, but this is an old favourite of mine. Also, Instagram itself actually has a lot of these features now, and these are just as good. I usually use them for final tweaks before posting my picture. 

VSCO Cam - free

This is just another one that I said I would mention. I don't use this for my insta pics, but it has the most amazing filters and I usually use it for the odd Twitter pic. Would be great if you wanted to do a slight variant on my theme. 

The Editing Process

I'm going to show you an example of each type of photo that I do (as listed above). Hopefully this should give you a good idea into what you're doing. 

Also, side note, my photos look very edited. Which is kind of part of the theme I guess. It wasn't the original idea but I think the way that I have played with the contrast in recent times, it has turned out like this. You could call it winter lighting, but I actually quite like it. I also feel like it leaves no illusions when it comes if my insta life is 'real' or not; spoiler, it's not. 

Anyway, let's get into it. 


Facetune is responsible for most of these transformations. Particularly the whiten tool and the tone tool. The tone tool is the one that actually performs miracles. It's basically colouring, or doing a cut-out of the picture. You still need a white background when you photograph them but this makes them SUPER WHITE. 

My least favourite picture is the one of myself and Andi under the covers, purely because the lighting isn't perfect. Probably a reason I actually never posted it. Aviary normally comes in here, with the brightness, highlights and contrast tools but it never looked just right. 

I am really picky. 

Random Items

Starbucks cups always deserve to be photographed and then Instagram-ed. I LOVE the marble floor Starbucks pic, OBSESSED. And my nails look pretty fine as well. (This one just needed some whitening) 

The plane pic looks pretty damn cool as well I have to say, even though I normally don't have something that dark on my feed. Obviously, you can't use the brightness one for this either. As it might look a little weird. 

The last two pics don't have a before and after because they have disappeared somehow. The costa cup is the one with the most editing because the table in the background was actually brown so that was pretty AWESOME. GO ME. 

Outdoor Shots

These are the ones where people get really DAMN confused, because some people don't realise the MAGIC of editing. I often get comments (some from my own mom) where people think that it's snowing or that the sky isn't actually blue anymore. 

These ones are difficult to do sometimes especially when you're taking them with other people. They usually don't understand your desire to take a picture in front of a white background. I know people are so inconsiderate lol. 

There's always FACETUNE :) 

So there we have it, that is how I edit my instagram photos. I am well aware that it is a crazy amount of things to do; and a lot of effort. But I see it as a bit of a hobby and I quite enjoy doing it. I spend a lot of time admiring my theme and I go through phases of loving it or hating it. 

Mostly loving it honestly. 

Don't forget to follow me on Insta @zoe2402 or just click the instagram above and below. 

Hope you liked this post, and let me know what you want to see in the future. 




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