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Puppy Love

Puppy Love

A number of months ago, I wrote about the loss of my family’s beautiful dog Jessie.

I understand now how relatable to people this really was, because if you have a pet, you more than likely know how it feels to lose one.

However, rather than dwelling on the sorrow of the loss of a pet; I would rather rejoice in the benefits of having one.

I get that there are both dog lovers and cat lovers in the world; our family just happens to be a mix of both. So we have the benefits of having a wild and crazy little dog, as well as the benefits of having a quiet and regal cat.

I think the best thing about having any sort of pet is that you never feel alone (unless you have a goldfish, because I don’t think they are much for conversation).

I know that in all technical terms, animals can’t actually speak to you. That does not mean that they can’t communicate with you. If I am ever sick or sad, I will suddenly find my dog right next to me. Or sitting on my head for that matter.

There was one occasion where my dog literally licked the tears off of my face; and you say that dogs don’t understand. Cats and other animals, usually go for a more subtle approach, by either sleeping beside you or even leaving a little mouse on your doorstep.

Aren’t they sweet?

I personally have no problem with actually talking to my dog. At least it is slightly less crazy than talking to yourself; and you never know, they might actually have some good feedback.

I know that having a pet takes a lot of work and a lot of time, because most animals are so dependant on you, that you literally have their life in your hands. Which, despite the pressure of this statement, actually feels kind of nice.

Not only do you feel this responsibility towards them, but you also get to reap the rewards.

You get early morning wake up calls by impatient puppies. You get slobbery wet kisses. You get to feel genuinely special when your pet is so damn excited to see you that they literally can’t control their bodily functions.

You never have to be alone.

I personally think that the ‘crazy cat lady’ look is very in this season…. Or the ‘crazy pet person’, because I really don’t think I could settle for just one.

First seen on Tralee Today on the 8th of July 2015

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