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Empowering Each other

Empowering Each other

Do you ever feel like you could conquer the world; like nothing or no-one could ever get in your way? Or do you ever look at someone else's achievement and feel inspired? 

Do you ever feel empowered? 

In some ways, it is seen as weird to be in a fandom where you are idolising a girl, when you are in fact a girl yourself. Because I guess that you are not screaming at them because you want to marry them (hello one direction fans), you are screaming at them because you love them in a different way. They are your idol I guess. 

I am lucky to have an idol that is all about empowering other people; and particularly other women. I am really thankful that empowering each other is now popular in society, rather than tearing each other down. 

I think that it is fair to say that there is enough competition in the world without having to deal with constantly competing to see who is the prettiest, or who is the thinnest or who gets the most guys. 

I am also glad to say that I think that feminism is more of a mainstream idea nowadays; and from the vast improvements that I am seeing in all the girl groups in my town (and around the world), it is having a difference in so many ways. Now it is all about how a girl feels; and how a girl gets to feel empowered. 

Women don't empower each other for the benefit of any guy or anyone they fancy; they do it because it feels pretty damn awesome to be able to stand up and feel good about yourself and what you believe in. It is even better to do so when you have all your girlfriends behind you, cheering you on; rather than stabbing you in the back. 

I see the idea of empowering each other a lot more in today's society; particularly through many female icons. 

When I first heard Selena's new song, "Good For You", I genuinely just thought that it was just a good jam. I was a little nervous about the music video though; as the title suggests quite a lot. I assumed that it would involved skimpy outfits and a lot of dancing. 

However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the point was not about when others (particularly men) think that we look good, but when women feel good themselves. Which I loved the idea of. Now I can jam to something with an awesome meaning too. 

There are now a million examples of how women can empower each other every single day. You just need to surround yourself with the right people first. 

I, myself, am so beyond lucky to have friends that I trust and who build me up. Not only do I have so many celebrity idols (who happen to be strong feminists), I also have some amazing friends. 

Even though I naturally have a jealous streak in me (may as well be honest), I could never be happier to see my friends achieve. I love that moment when they look back at you as if for reassurance, and you can turn to them with a totally honest beaming smile, and be beyond happy for them. 

It is not about beating each other down and coming out the winner. It is about empowering each other and coming out the winners. 



Puppy Love

Puppy Love