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Current Favourites

Current Favourites

I decided that I would share a couple of my favourite things with you, considering I did forget to do a favourites video last month. (Don't worry, there is one coming up very very soon) 

1. Denim Jacket, United Colours of Benetton 

Another item that I have borrowed from my Mom; but thankfully I think that she isn't missing this one. I decided that I might mix things up a bit, and not be seen wearing my leather jacket everywhere that I go. 

I also think that a denim jacket is a much more summer appropriate alternative. It's not like I would go out jacket free in Ireland, who's weather system still hasn't copped on. 

2. Diamonds Violet, Empirio Armani 

I finally have a new favourite scent. After a few failed attempts to fall for a perfume. (One of these attempts left me with an allergic reaction on my neck) 

Considering the fact that I am completely useless at describing scents, I will just let you smell it for yourself. I will say that it is possibly the most floral and most girly scent that I have ever had. 

3. The Secret Life of Bees

My most recent read and I am actually really enjoying it. Very sweet read so far (pun intended) and quite chilled after reading a thriller like Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. Which I gotta say is a must read. 

4. Kim Kardashian Game

Sadly, I must admit that I have recently become addicted to this tragic little game. 

You see this is what happens when all your friends are either in a different country or working. 

If you were wondering, I am actually an A-Lister. 

5. Zara Black Boots 

Another item that I commandeered from my Mom, and one that I have been wearing non-stop since I got them. They are a little bit flatter, which affects my height a little. 

They are a little bit like chelsea boots, but edgier and pointy-er.. If that makes any sense at all. 

6. New York Shirt 

The comfiest, biggest and best-est shirt ever. It also makes me think of New York, which is never ever a bad thing. 

7. Delicate Gold Jewellery 

My obsession has slowly been growing for little gold necklaces, and I found these little cuties in Penneys. I also bought a bunch in Topshop on Sale, and I super excited about them. 

I love them far too much for just little necklaces..


Love ya, 


Fad Diets

Fad Diets