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It seems to be the most jet setting summer that I have ever had.

If you didn't know, it was just over two weeks ago that I was wandering around New York, and now it was only a few days ago that I was wandering around Cologne.

I know that it seems like quite an odd place to visit; but the only reason that we went was because of a certain Miss Swift.

Last November, she released her tour dates and there were no Irish dates on the list (at that point in time). Of course, we freaked out a little bit. It was then that my mom went on a mission to get any dates that she could get her hands on.

Every single UK date was already gone. Eventually she ended up on a german website, and after a few entries into google translate (no lie) she managed to get tickets for certain show in Cologne. Which seems totally bizarre, unless you know how deep for this one superstar runs.

So, then we were going to Cologne. Somewhere that I probably couldn't point out to you on a map. We booked flights, we booked a hotel; and we were going.

(I vlogged the entire experience, which might give a more visuals)

We arrived at night, and we went to go find the famous cathedral, which didn't take too long as we walked twenty seconds from our hotel and there it was.

The next day was dedicated to Taylor. I, of course, wanted to go straight to the venue at nine in the morning. Simply because I am that crazy. But I had to be fair to my mom, even though I am pretty sure she was just as excited as I was.

Late afternoon, I started getting ready. Because I may have taken a little inspiration from a certain Bad Blood music video. I wanted to get noticed by Taylor Nation, who either upgrade your tickets or get you to meet Taylor. However, there are a whole population of hardcore swifties at the concert, and the line to meet these Taylor Nation, went around half the stadium. It was the same situation with the merch stands.

But honestly, none of that really mattered because I was among my kind. I got quite a lot of looks while we walked over to the stadium (it was a very long 2 kilometres) and I was self conscious, I kept my head down the entire time.

When we actually got to the stadium, those 'where the hell are you going' stares, turned to something much more friendly. Even though there was an obvious language barrier, the amount of smiles and even thumbs up that I got, gave me such an amazing boost of confidence and made me so thankful to be apart of such a fandom.

James Bay was an amazing opening act, but the real screams began when Taylor walked on stage. I went into such a state of happiness, that I totally forgot to film the experience. (I had do all my filming on my phone, because my camera had been taken off me and locked away.)

I won't go into all the details, as I think I pretty much covered it all in quite an excited ramble on my YouTube Channel but if it is even possible, it succeeded my expectations. I know that I was miles away from her; but it is the fact that she was really there, in the flesh that blows me away.

I think that it is the whole idea of concerts that really terrify me. They are really there in the room with you. It's just an insane and magical idea to me.

On the way out, I was still in my get up and I had this new happy kind of confidence and it was the most amazing thing ever.

Of course, thanks to my shoe choice, I think part of my feet died that night. But in the grand scheme of things, I think that it was totally worth it.

The best thing about concerts I think is how elated you feel afterwards. And honestly, I get the same kind of feeling every time that I think about it.

Thanks to flight timings, we had the entire day to burn in Cologne. If you have been there, you may know that it is a very industrial city, and despite the cathedral, there isn't really anything touristy to do. But somehow Mom and I managed.

We went on one of those little trains, that look like they are built for children, around a park. We chugged along on that until we reached a cable car place. Which I thought only existed at ski resorts, but apparently not.

It was an incredibly odd experience, and actually a little bit scary, but I think all the silent screams left Mom and I in a fit of giggles. Which can only ever be a good thing.

After that, we really had no idea what to do, as we had just passed lunchtime (which we had at a very random german market by the way) but we happened upon the Cologne Sculpture Park. Which Mom and I found the funniest thing ever, for no particular reason.

I think that it may be an inside joke of ours, for a very long time.

We eventually headed to the airport, after navigating our way through an interesting train system, and then our Swift little trip was over (see what I did there)...

Even though Cologne was never a choice destination of mine, I has such an amazing time. I think that I can put that down to a few factors, one of which being the concert and another probably being the person that I was with.

I am so lucky that my mom and I are best friends, because I wouldn't be able to find someone as fun to holiday with and someone who would be up for all these crazy adventures that we find ourselves having.

Now here is an extra bit of information. It turns out that Taylor did eventually add Irish dates, and with a massive dollop of luck and dedication, I managed to get pit tickets. Which means that I get to relive the whole concert again, yet get a totally different experience.

Everyone please keep their fingers crossed that I get a chance to meet Taylor, because I will be there from 2 in the day trying....

May Taylor Be With You.




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