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Front Row Feelings || 1989 World Tour

Front Row Feelings || 1989 World Tour

I think by now, everyone here knows how obsessed I am with a certain Taylor Swift, but I think after this little article, you may be even more worried about me. As this story involves a lot of queueing, a lot of screaming and even some fainting...

I decided not to vlog this particular adventure, so I hope that this detailed description of the night will make up for it.

I am not going to lie, I didn't think that there were that many Irish Swifties around the place. Well this is the part where I make a formal apology because oh my god, yes there are.

Myself and my friend Ellen, arrived on the scene at twelve and there were already queues outside every entrance. We decided that food and starbucks was a pretty good beginning to the day, if we did plan on joining the throngs of swifties outside the arena.

We walked all the way down to O'Connell street (I am very bad at judging distances) in the heat, and with Starbucks and multiple bags in hand, we ran for the bus back to the arena. Then, we got changed into our outfits, and I was wearing my Bad Blood suit. So I was a little bit self conscious, but thankfully people were sweet about it, rather than rude.

Then, we started the queueing process. I had my speaker and we played a little Taylor and jammed for a while. We started chatting to a guy called Adam, who had met a whole pile of stars including Taylor while he was in Central Park, and who had just met Ellie Goulding the night before.

As the time passed by, we began to form a group of us, and chatting away amongst ourselves really made the time go faster. In the end, our bunch ended up being myself, Ellen, Adam, Ruth, Sorcha, Emily and Alice. We were all different ages, and from different places, but we were all dedicated enough to queue for Taylor, so I think that was a good starting point.

After a lot of smiles at the security guard we eventually convinced him to let us to the bathroom and let us back into our spot. I felt bad for the guy manning the entrance to the bathrooms in the Odeon, as we put up one hell of a fight not to pay for the privilege of using the bathroom.

Two paid bottles of water later, and much emptier bladders, we made it back to the queue for the last hour of tension. Everyone had started to get antsy at this point, and the last few minutes of waiting were absolutely killing.

When half six arrived, we were unleashed like a tsumani into the arena. Our group (minus Adam, who had to find his friend) remained together, and we linked arms and got so unbelievably close to the stage. We were the second row back from the barrier, and I couldn't believe how lucky we were.

Unfortunately this was the point where I realised that I hadn't eaten enough, and also the point where I had realised that I had a problem with very low blood pressure. I had to beat outside the crowd where I had a bottle of coke, a bar of chocolate and a bit of a roll; and I think that it was my perseverance that got me back into that second row again.

Vance Joy was absolutely brilliant at warming the crowd up, but I can't even describe the electricity in the room as he drew closer and closer to the end of his set. I can still feel it in the pit of my stomach. It was just the fact that The Taylor Swift was actually going to be right in front of us.

And then it happened.

Our space that we held suddenly became a lot smaller, as the first beats of Welcome to New York kicked in.

I think the major feeling as Taylor drew closer and closer to us with each lyric, was pride. I guess it was because after all this time of loving her from afar, I was technically standing right next her. This wasn't some high tech simulation, this was real life, and I could't have been happier... Nor could my screams have been more high pitched.

There was a point (well several points actually) when she literally stood directly in front of us, and I just couldn't believe that she was the real deal. That it was the real person that I idolised that was right in front of me.

She looked just as flawless as ever. I know that some people say that it is disappointing when you see your idol in person because you have built up this image in your head of what the person is like and it is all ruined when you see them. Similar to when you read a book and you imagine the character and then they put out the movie, and shatter everything.

Well nothing was shattered. She was everything that I have seen on every social media, and if possible more. I was just so happy to be there.

Of course, the whole low blood pressure thing (and possibly an excitement overload on not a whole pile of food) didn't just go away, and there were several times when I just had to crouch down and breath. But thankfully, Swifties tend to be the nicest people ever and everyone was there to help.

I got a nice burst of energy about halfway through when the whispers started to go around that Calvin Harris (Taylor's boyfriend) was in crowd. I didn't believe them at all, purely because these kind of rumours always tend to fly around. But then I looked to my left and there he was.

I am not even going to lie, I kind of freaked the flip out.

Which led to me not fully taking in Taylor's beautiful "Clean" speech, but I guess it was one of those moments where my brain couldn't quite fully process what was going on.

It was just before Taylor went into the final three songs, that my energy really plummeted and the dizziness came to a peak, and I fainted. I tried to stay where I was, but the security insisted on carrying me over the barrier.

Yes, I was gutted that I didn't get to fully experience the last there songs the way that I wanted too. But there was nothing I could have done, and I was lucky enough that this was my second time experiencing the tour, so I didn't technically miss anything.

I was sitting at the near the edge of the main stage when I actually started crying, not because I was missing the show but because I was actually so unbelievably happy to be there, and I knew that I just had to make the best of the situation.

I didn't care how damn dizzy and unwell I was, I was dancing to Shake It Off with Taylor Swift. So I grabbed the girl beside me (who had been unwell since the beginning of the concert) and we danced together and I was really really truly happy, and honestly I think that is what counts.

I know that if you don't have an idol, then you won't understand practically anything that I was saying, and you probably think that I am super weird. But I guess that it is that super weird trait of mine that makes me so unbelievably happy, so I guess that it is okay.

Congratulations to everyone that got Loft 89 that night (one of them being Adam's friend David), and even though it is a huge dream of mine to meet Taylor, I think that I am pretty content with being so close to Taylor Alison Swift.

And I know that it will not be the last time I do so.

Thank you Taylor, for making my entire being glow with this unexplainable happiness, and I will see you in Dublin (or anywhere my mom will let me travel too) sometime very soon.

Hope you enjoyed this little insight into my tour experience..



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