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Paris || My 16th Birthday

Paris || My 16th Birthday

I am officially a mature 16 year old.

My mom said to me a while ago that I was going to wake up in Paris on my 16th birthday and she kept her word. You could definitely say that I have the best mom ever, because that is one way to start this year right.

I know that some people don't understand the fact that we were literally in Paris for 36 hours, but it was honestly one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It is not exactly the usual birthday celebration but it is certainly one that I will never ever forget.

We spent our time walking. We walked everywhere. And hell, it was freezing, but I couldn't stop smiling the entire time because I was in Paris with not only with my Mom, but with with one of my best friends, which also just happens to be my Mom.

We stayed on the opposite side of Paris than we did last time. We stayed by the Arc De Triomphe where as last time we stayed by the Louvre. Mom and I have both learned that we prefer the more historical side of the city, being the historical freaks that we are, but it was nice to experience something different.

I would go into detail of all the stuff that we did but as it happens, I vlogged the entire experience on my YouTube channel and I hope that you will enjoy watching my Mom trying to learn how to use my camera...

One moment that I didn't get to capture was when Mom and I left L'Avenue (the restaurant where I had my birthday dinner) and we started walking by all the amazing shops towards the Eiffel Tower. We walked all the way down the Seine, and it was probably the first time that I didn't notice that we were walking. We posed in front of the Eiffel Tower and we just chatted.

That is why that I feel sorry for anyone that doesn't have a close relationship with their Mom. Because I know that our parents can be incredibly annoying and everything, but it's moments like this that you are glad to have them around.

I felt genuinely happy. I know that the whole trip may seem a bit extravagant, but it was the simple moments like this that I really appreciated.

( Told you I was mature )

Thank you to everyone who sent me birthday messages and everything. They really made me feel as mushy inside. I think my dad might die a little though when he sees my phone bill this month, I think I might need to get a roaming package...

Au revoir!

( After four years in French that is literally one of the only things that I can say.. )

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