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The Image Experience

The Image Experience

I have been a working girl for quite a long time.

Or at least I have called myself that for quite a long time. But I now think that my idea of a working girl has changed. I think that I was truly a 'working girl' when I was on the train during rush hour, when I refreshed my email more than I refreshed twitter and when I was on the phone all day to someone other than my Mom.

So, by the new definition, I became a full on working girl when I went on my one week work experience with Image Publications.

I absolutely adored the entire experience and there were moments when I considered just staying there and seeing how long it would take them to physically remove me.

The week before my work experience, I spent way more time planning my outfits and makeup looks, than thinking about what I was actually going to be doing. Clearly I had my head in the right place.

I don't want to go into every little detail of my work experience, as I think that you may not be interested in absolutely everything that I did. But, what you do need to know is that I had an amazing time.

I didn't really care if I was packing goodie bags or making phone calls, it was all such a different and exciting experience. It was really interesting to be on the intern side of things full stop really. I am used to managing things, and a lot of the time, I am telling other people what to do. I am not going to say that I don't love that anymore, because I do, but it was equally exciting and nerve-wrecking to be thrown out of my comfort zone.

I know Melanie Morris from working with her at Kerry Fashion Week since the very beginning. So it was nice to have a familiar face in the office. But, by the end of the week, I at least knew everyones name ( which is a huge achievement for me ) and I had pretty much had had a conversation with everyone in the office.

Everyone was so NICE. Sure, I was only there for a week and I doubt there was going to be any fist fights in front of the intern but everyone in my side of the office seemed like a happy little family. If this showed me anything, it taught me that it isn't all like the Devil Wears Prada.

Even though I will admit that I did enjoy my Devil Wears Prada moment carrying coffee down the street in semi-functional heels. I also enjoyed my time putting some adverts in the Book, which is a layout of the entire magazine.

My favourite part had to be getting to attend the Spring/Summer 2014 trends meeting in Brown Thomas ( I got the lowdown ). Not just because I got to see all the trends but it gave me a glimpse of some of the kind of meetings that I could be attending in the future, you know when I am the editor of a magazine.

That was probably the part that gave me a lurch of happy butterflies.

The whole point of the work experience cycle is that you get to see what career you want to pursue. I have been pretty decided on the fashion journalism section for quite a while, but it was even better to get the reassurance that I really enjoyed it and I think I would be able to do it.

So if you didn't get it already, I loved it. I really and truly loved it.

The "Working Girl" title is something that I never want to lose and I was really lucky to get such an opportunity.

Here's to the beginning.....

Farewell Jessie

Farewell Jessie

2014 || Year Review

2014 || Year Review