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Holding Onto Childhood

Holding Onto Childhood

Childhood. Something that seems to end too quickly in modern times. I think your childhood begins the moment you are born. I get that you are just a baby, but this is the beginning of the time where you are sheltered and cushioned from the real world. Where you are so wrapped up in blankets and surrounded by teddy bears that the awful things in the world are usually kept at bay.

Which is what the term childhood is, according to me anyway. It can't be summed up in as simple a term as "the state or period of being a child, that is too blunt to describe the happy ignorance that most people experience as a child.

We have all seen the Twilight movies, maybe not in our childhood periods but there was a quote from the movie that made me think.

"Childhood is not from birth to a certain age and at a certain age the child is grown, and puts away childish things. Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies."

Particularly the first part of the first sentence rings a bell with me. Because I agree that childhood doesn't end at a certain age. I think that childhood ends when you care enough about what other people think of you. The person that starts the trend off probably watches too much 'teen' tv.

People leave their childhood phase for many reasons. It's not a switch that you just hit when you hit 13 or 14, it's a type of gradual process. It could be triggered from a traumatic event in your life or the usual classroom gossip that is gathered from a million and one sources.

We have all been down that road, that transition period out of childhood. So I don't think that it needs too much explaining. It happens and it can be hard for some people.

I personally found it hard as I didn't quite understand the whole thing. There was a memory that kept coming back to me. A relative had once told me "Enjoy your childhood, it won't last long", and at the time of course I just ran back to my game of catch.

When I was twelve, I said goodbye to my childhood. It was a weird kind of ritual that I carried out. By going around my room and individually kissing all my teddy bears goodbye. I even looked at what I believed to be childhood photo and waved goodbye to them too. I was sad to leave my childhood behind because at the time I saw teenagers as a terrifying race that were responsible for all the bad things that happened in the world.

Don't judge me, I was new to the evils of the world and I pointed my finger at the thing that I was afraid of - growing up into a teenager myself.

After the transition out of childhood, you are expected to grow up and move on. It's expected to just move into your mature lifestyle and play with all your new components in that lifestyle. No one expects you to start with your nostalgia early on. I disagree.

I don't think that you should quit your childhood so quickly. Never be afraid to hold on to the things in your childhood that made you happy. Just because it may not be cool to sleep with you old teddy bear, doesn't mean that you shouldn't. If your 18 or 82, it doesn't make any difference, never feel obliged to let go of things that made you happy.

Childhood can be the happiest period in your life because you don't know anything about the big bad world out there. That is why it is important to keep things that remind you of that happiness, because sometimes humans need material objects to keep onto that happiness.

Don't let anyone judge you for holding onto your childhood, because you never have to leave it all behind. No matter how many people point and laugh at you for holding onto the innocent period in your life, always do things that make you happy.

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