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KFW New Collections Show

KFW New Collections Show

One of KFW's main events was set to kick off in the Malton at around seven, so naturally we were there at half ten in the morning.

Before we were even there ten minutes we began the rehearsals for the opening routine and for the routine that would continue throughout the show. We practiced again and again, until we had it perfect. Excitement and nerves began to set in pretty early on when the music started to play and the girls walked down the catwalk.

 When all of the girls had gotten through rehearsal it was time to start beautifying themselves, well Niamh O'Dwyer and Helen Parker from Lancome did their makeup.... Models have the easy life..... When they emerged from makeup with sultry cat flicks and bold red lips I knew that fashion week had really begun.

I disappeared for an hour, thanks to my flu and when I returned almost all the girls had been done up. There hair was done into sleek ponytails by Sean Taaffe and we were nearly ready.

While the girls began fittings in some of the amazing designers such as Catherine Kelly, Stephen Foley and Orla O Connor ; I had the job of packing all of the Lancome goodie bags. 250 of them to be precise. But we got through it within an hour and I was faced with another change when I emerged.

 This time it was Don O Neill and Pascal who were running the models through their paces. Each model got full tips and tricks from the best in the business. Even though they were in their dressing gowns from fittings, they still shined.

The girls were then cast for the beautiful Theia dresses that would close the show. That was the silent hour backstage as everyone was truly wowed by the amazing dresses that Don had created. There was everything from pink florals to beautiful white pieces that silenced the crowd.

 After all of the Theia dresses were fitted, Pascal went for a long conversation with Ray Stack to discuss the lighting and the music that would tie the amazing collection together. All this negotiation resulted in the amazing finished product that you saw for the finale.

In a moment of quietness, I got the chance to try on my dress for the KFW Irish Industry Awards by Orla O'Connor. I will have to keep you in suspense....

 Hours of hard work later, it was time to begin the show. Our first group of models were sent out in some of the boutique shops in the lobby as the Opening Act for what was to come in the main show. We had some gorgeous pieces from Macbees, East 73rd, Pamela Scott, Jasmine and more.

You could feel the atmosphere rising as the first few people walked into the main room to see the huge stage. It was a long white carpet stretched out to match the floor to ceiling white backdrops. It was a set up that would put all other fashion weeks to shame.

Before we knew it, I was standing by the edge of the stage getting all the girls lined up for the start of the show. All the models then put all of their practice to good use when they all walked out in Carol Kennelly.

A hush spread out over the room as each set of girls walked out in each amazing designer. When each designer had shown all of their collection, the designer himself or herself ran out to show the audience the face behind each masterpiece.

Near the end of the second half, I had to drop my clipboard and camera and walk out onto the stage to showcase two of Sophie Hunters pieces for her new "Mother and Daughter" collection. It felt great to model again, even though I love managing everything backstage. It was also an extra boost of confidence when Pascal gave out to my Mom for not letting him know that I model, he has made her promise that I get to model some Theia next year. (!!!)

At the interval, I stepped out into the spotlight once again with Melanie Morris, Chief Editor of Image Publications, and give the Best Dressed Woman in Kerry Award to who I thought was the most deserving and the most fashionable. Which of course is Olivia Wall.

I presented Olivia with her doll and she was so happy! It made me feel so good when Olivia said "I am always the bridesmaid never the bride". Well you take centre stage now Olivia.... Congratulations.

The second half went by so quickly that it was almost like a dream. Then it was time for the big finale. Theia by Don O'Neill. Everything was done so slowly and if you could mute the music on the stage, all you would be able to hear would be the gasps of excitement from the audience.

Pascal was in his element helping the girls onto the stage and give them the last boost of encouragement.

Don then stepped out onto the stage with all of the models and the crowd went wild. When the clapping eventually died down, it hit everyone that the show was over and that we would have to go home. I would have loved to stay up all night and enjoy the KFW atmosphere, but since I had been on my feet all day, my flu was determined to bring me down.

What an amazing night and I think that this show will go down in KFW history. 

Hope that this gave you a backstage view and that you enjoyed this blogpost!

All photos will be on my facebook page, here - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zoë-O-Connor/525961207500989

See you tomorrow x


KFW Fashion Industry Awards

KFW Fashion Industry Awards

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