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Selfie Cop

Selfie Cop

Last week a new app was launched, Selfie Cop. By using the word "selfie", it already draws the attention of the teenage market. However, this is not some cool new editing app to help you take selfies.

This is an app to help prevent young teens from sending those in appropriate pictures to their friend or to be more exact, it prevents people from taking those kind of pictures.

The app doesn't use any high tech scanner devices to detect the inappropriate "bits", but it sends every single photograph that you ever take on any app, snapchat or camera, directly to your parents. Let me just let that bombshell sink in...

I know that many of you teens are probably freaking out right now. As I learned more about it, I freaked out a little too. Not because I am taking those kind of photos but because I belong to the selfie generation, I take a lot of selfies. Most people don't see these pictures because after taking about a million of them, I usually give up and forget about it.

However, ALL of the photos that I take are sent to my parents. ALL OF THEM.

In that sense, the app is brilliant. The brilliance of it lies in the fact that before we take a picture that could be inappropriate or that could cause trouble, we think about the fact that our parents are able to see it. That thought alone would stop me from doing anything stupid.

In fact it would probably stop me from taking most pictures. My selfie count would be dramatically reduced for one and my memory storage would be in much better shape. Of course that is not the main point of the exercise, but there is light from every angle.

As brilliant as the app is, I will have to mention what many people will see as an outrageous fact. The fact that parents can have this much control of their children. Admittedly I did have a problem with this at the start, but thinking about it, I have adjusted to it.

Because isn't that point of your childhood. Parents are meant to be able to protect their children. This may be seen as overprotection to some people but to most it is okay, because the world of smartphones and internet has stripped parents of that "privilege".

Parents should be able to have the power to have protection over their children. It can be a maze to some people to scour through their child's phone and make sure that they aren't getting up to anything sinister. Even then, it can be very easy to delete these photos and deny their existence. At that point though, the damage is done and there is nothing that you can do about it.

Once again, the beauty of the fear that your parents will see the photo, will save you.

So, yes, it does seem like a huge invasion of a teens privacy. But, it is only the prevention of you taking the photos. After that, you will eventually forget the fact that your parents can see your embarrassing selfies. Let's face facts, they were the ones who changed your nappies as a baby... I don't think a few ugly selfies will change anything.

Privacy invasion? Yes. Privacy invasion for your own protection so that you don't take or send any of those kind of photos to your friends that could become your enemies? Yes.

I hope that I have been able to convince you to be okay with the app. Or at least convince the younger teens among you, the audience this app is targeted at, that it is understandable and even reasonable for your parents to want to protect you.

Teenagers are entitled to their privacy but teenagers are not entitled to take or send inappropriate photos of themselves to other people. Underage sexting is in huge "popularity" at the moment and this is just the way to stop it, or at least the way to stop teens from ruining their lives by sending that one photo that could haunt them forever.

Let me know what you think of this new prevention method installed by fear and created by Shane Diffily, Ronan Diffily and John Condron. You can thank them for your fear and for your safety.

Selfie Cop is available currently only on the Android app-store for only 2.99

So you can either tell your parents ( or I may be talking to those parents now, so hi) and help them help you install the fear or you can ignore it and live with the possibility that one person may push you over the edge and get you to send that photo.... Your choice. Just saying.

For more information check out this website - https://www.selfiecop.com 

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