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The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars

I just went to see the sob story of the year, the Fault in Our Stars. It came from a book from John Green, and in a way I kinda hate him for creating this. I think a lot of people do.

Everyone feels some emotion when watching this movie. As you see the awkwardness, the friendship and the love that forms between Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters, you feel something. Even if you don't cry like everyone else in the cinema; you still feel something.

(Unless you are an emotionless sociopath... But I am not judging)

Me? I cried. I didn't quite "ugly" cry,  but I cried. It is just that this movie has a deeper impact on me. One that will probably lead me to "ugly" cry, but it has to be said.

I heard about The Fault in Our Stars and I wasn't sure what to think. It had the potential to be something amazing. A book about two cancer patients falling in love. Normally, I hear cancer and a little piece inside of me squirms and screams, then it goes back to the hollowness that I have reserved for it.

I was thinking of getting it for ages, and when I got it as I present ; I disappeared into the love story of Hazel Grace and Augustus. The movie launches you into the same kind of love story with a poetic nature and easy atmosphere. You immediately know, with both the book and with the movie, that this is no ordinary cancer movie.

Notice, I don't say no ordinary cancer story because no cancer story is the same. Each one varies not just in the effects of the disease to each individual but also in the effects it has on the people around the victim. But back to the story of the star-crossed lovers.

The movie begins by telling you that this isn't a perfect love story, it is affected by cancer and that she was sorry for that. It stays pretty much exact to the book, bringing the amazing phrases of the book to life with a little hint of awkwardness that arises in all teen romances on the big screen. I kinda enjoyed the awkwardness that helped to mask the fact that there was no real chemistry between the main characters, which does make sense considering they played brother and sister in a previous movie.

Yes, the movie is great. The love story is great. The pain is real. Many people can just leave it at that. I however, feel a more deep and dark pain when some words come from Shailene Woodley's perfect lips. They relate to me. I find it kind of tragic that such a sad and tearjerking story can be so relatable to me. I'm not saying that I am special, so many people are affected by cancer. It's just that not a lot of people have the same first hand experience that I have.

I stood at the frontline as I saw someone very, very close to me fade away at the effects of cancer. I didn't see her suffer from Lung Cancer like our Hazel Grace. But I did see her suffer like Augustus. I saw her lose her independence, I saw her lose her confidence and she thought that she lost her dignity. But she never stopped being Martha to me.

There was a line in the movie that I don't remember from the book. It said that the first thing they ask you in the ER was to rate the pain on a scale of one to ten. I remember that. I remember them asking Martha and she never said ten. She might have said a seven at the most, not because that was where the pain was. But because she didn't want her pain to bring us pain.

I found the pain displayed in the movie, too relatable. It hurt, but it didn't effect it's brilliance, because the fault in our stars gives cancer a new kind of meaning. It shows that cancer doesn't take over a person's ability to love. Even if in a small way people can realise that cancer isn't all a person is. Yes, cancer lives inside a person. An unwanted hitchhiker that slowly eats a person away. But it doesn't change the person's emotions.

Yes, it is a tragic love story between cancer patients and the cancer is a big part of it. But with or without cancer, the love story is still just as beautiful.

I have a connection with both the novel and the movie. Both were brilliant. Maybe I am biased, but unfortunately, everyone is effected. So maybe everyone is biased. It was amazing.

I wouldn't put myself through the emotion of the movie again, at least not for a while. You will laugh and you will cry, and you will think about it. Unless you are a sociopath or psychopath..... Once again, I am not judging....

Go see it. And bring the tissues and maybe a notepad for all the things you should learn about the brutal world we live in.

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