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The Real Kind Of Memory Storage || Diary Writing

The Real Kind Of Memory Storage || Diary Writing

You may not know this but I have always been the weird girl who runs home to spill her thoughts and feelings into a little book. Years later that little book has become a collection of books sitting on a shelf. Only recently have I dusted them all off and marvelled at the wonders of keeping a diary. Of writing down every single thing that happens in my daily life with extra heaps of rants and feelings piled onto it.

Every now and then I would fall out of the habit of writing or my OCD tendencies would kick in and I would abandon a diary half way through because I didn't like my writing one day. I still keep these abandoned diaries, and I count them in my grand total of things.

I began writing diaries at a very young age. They weren't the proper, neat and orderly bibles that I write now, but they were random pages here and there in notebooks that came in magazines. Those pink fluffy diaries are long lost and so is the fluffy pink pen that I wrote them wrote them with.

However when I started writing my bibles, I was a bit more careful. I have my perfect diaries dating back to 2010. At the time, I clearly thought that what I was writing was important. Now I partly laugh and partly cry at what I wrote about.

Yet beyond all the spelling errors and embarrassing moments that I took the care to document, there is also a whole pile of memories stored in the diaries. Memories that I wouldn't remember without them. Things that may not matter to anyone else, but they are still a part of my life. No matter how small and no matter how insignificant they are. They are the parts of my life that my brain didn't go through the bother to process.

Luckily I don't have that much of a mundane life. There are been a lot of drama and a lot of sadness in there. A lot of happiness too, don't worry. Weirdly, I only documented my life in one of my houses. Apparently I made a decision early on that I would only write in my diary in my Mom's house. A choice I kind of regret now but a fact that has been rectified.

I now try my best to write in my diary every single day. Not just a page but several. With the joy of my polaroid kind of camera, I can stick in photos as I go along to liven it up,  ( read about my thoughts and review of the fujifilm instax mini here :                         ) but there is always something to write about.

I may be different because I do want to be a journalist when I am older, so maybe I am just the kind of person who writes in depth pages upon pages of their every day lives. But I figured that I can't be the only one and I also realised how much people are missing out.

I think that the art of diary writing, yes the art, has been lost in the waves of technology. Which is sad. I still find it weird that people have to adjust to writing again after the Summer holidays because they haven't picked up a pen in three months.

I am big into technology ; twitter, instagram, you name it and I am probably on it. But I still love writing. Believe me there is no font like it. I just like the idea of sitting down and writing, no screens or internet involved.

I saw a saying recently that I really liked about the internet and I thought that I would include it here.
" My Internet was down for five minutes, so I went downstairs and I talked to my family, they seem like nice people." Funny, but very true.

If you don't feel like connecting with your family just yet, at least take this opportunity to do something for yourself. In years to come, you will look back on these diaries and be able to see who you were back in the olden times. It is an amazing insight into your life that isn't damaged by anyone else's opinions or views. It's just you writing about what YOU think is important at that time.

Your life is important. It is important to live it and although it may seem tedious at times, I can promise that it is important to document it.

A diary doesn't have rules or regulations. It is what you want it to be. Nothing else. In years to come people will be wishing that they wrote a diary. When all the facebook posts disappear and we are left with the real stuff. The stuff that we can touch.

I have written about 8 diaries in my time. I don't know when the fad will end for me, but I hope that during my awkward teen phases that I continue to write. Because I am positive that I will never run out of words to write, and I am positive that the internet world can't last forever.

So pick up a pen. If you do, I might just share some particularly gruesomely emotional diary entries from the past. Family and friends beware, I document everything.


And hey, if you still aren't convinced, follow my lead and write down everything about your family members in the hope of piecing together a story that can be sold for millions. I am working on that masterpiece as we speak. Care to join the real art of keeping memories intact?

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