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Guide to Having a Teenager

Guide to Having a Teenager

I know that if you have a child, you probably think that you are out of the woods, so to speak, when you get them out of diapers. 

This of course, is totally untrue. The real hard part comes when they become a teenager. When they have an ability to form their own opinion, and when they really start to grow into themselves. 

I, myself, know this because I am a teenager myself. So I feel that it is my obligation to tell you all the things that you are doing wrong. Well, pretty much. I am going to lay out a few guidelines for yourself and your teenager to refrain from killing each other. 

First things first, accept that they aren't going to like you all the time. The time for that never ending adoration takes a little break. Don't try to forcefully hug them, because let's face it, teenagers have moods. Some of these moods may involve ripping your head off, so keeping your distance during this time may be a wise move. 

While we're on the subject of moods. Never EVER mention them; or use any sentence with the word 'hormonal', it will not end for you. 

Generally, this era of our lives, we tend to ask for a lot. Come up with a valid reason for saying no; rather than saying 'just because'. We are much more likely to value your opinion and respect your decision if you do this. 

There will always be much less slamming of doors. 

Now the golden rule that you probably won't be able to accept because you will probably think that we are just being sassy teenagers. (Which could be possible, but still.) 

You can't expect us to act like adults when you treat us like children. Don't exclude us from a conversation because 'we won't understand'. That's what you say to a seven year old when they ask about the birds and the bees. 

How are we supposed to learn if you don't tell us. 

Create an environment where you aren't just our parents, but our friends. We are much more likely to tell you everything if we aren't afraid to do so. 

I have to be honest, I think that I am a pretty good teenager thanks to the environment that I grew up in. My mom is my best friend, and therefore, we have managed to keep the doors in their frames much longer. 

Now of course, you are still our parents. So don't forget to embarrass us, tease us and even yell at us every once in a while. 

Or else you wouldn't be our parents; and who would we have to complain about. 

With Compliments

With Compliments