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Denial: Back to School

Denial: Back to School

The back to school mania is in full swing, because Summer is officially coming to an end. (Sorry for bringing it up) 

I can’t have a conversation with someone without mentioning school in some shape or form; which is totally okay; what other topic are you going to mention when speaking to a 16 year old girl? But you could call it denial, or false hope; but I don’t believe that Summer is actually over yet. 

Yes, the days are limited, but should we really be spending our last few days of freedom labelling that new pile of books? 

Even though I am all for organisation (honestly, it’s a problem); I am going to vote against colour coding your entire book list. Just this once. 

I know that everyone is returning to school on different days, but whatever you have left; try to use them to your full advantage. Think about all the things that you didn’t get to do this Summer; go do them. 

Sleep in for as long as you want. Go for a drive, go for a walk, grab a coffee in town. Call a friend and see have they also emerged from all their back to school buying to have lunch with you. 

Parents; the most you will be seeing of your kids until midterm will probably be during that groggy stage in the morning, or the homework stage in the evening. So while you still have us in semi-decent form, try to hang out with us a little. 

I think that in general, we are always rushing to the next thing. It’s always “what’s happening now? what’s happening next?”, there is always something more pressing than what is happening now. We tend to get caught up in worrying about the future, rather than actually focusing on what is happening right now. 

Summer is still here right now. It isn’t over yet.

Just because we have just wrapped up a wonderful festival; and all the decorations are slowly disappearing, doesn’t mean that we have to move on too quickly as well. 

Although I would refrain from standing in the car park thinking of all the rides you weren’t able to go on this year. The cars are back now… I guess you will have to wait until next year for that one. 

There will come that tipping point when you will have to slip back into reality again; but what’s the harm in pushing that off for just a little while longer. 

Also, one final request. Parents of said children; if you could stop smiling with glee at the thought ofschool returning, and the prospect of getting rid of us all over again. 

It will not end well for you. 

First seen on Tralee Today on the 26th of August 2015


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