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Making the Effort || Moving School/Moving Away

Making the Effort || Moving School/Moving Away

As you may have noticed from my recent post, I have moved to a new school. Even though I mentioned that I have moved over with my best friends, along with a couple of other people that I do know, I have obviously left some people behind. 

I knew that I was moving for a while, so everyone was well prepared when I finally said goodbye. There were still tears obviously, because the thing about transition year is that you all become one big family. So it was kind of like the emotions you might have when you're leaving your home to go to college. 

I do not miss my old school. There was nothing technically wrong with it; we just like to complain about it a lot. I am thankful that my new school is mixed. Not for any love life romantic problems, because it seems to factor out all of the bitchiness that comes with going to an all girls school. It's pretty much a part of the deal. 

One thing that I do miss though is some of the friends that I made while at my old school. Some of these people came with me from primary school, and I was lucky enough to also make a bunch of new friends. I had to leave almost all of these people behind, but that doesn't mean that we aren't going to be friends anymore. 

Not even close. 

I know that some of you guys must have had to move away from your friends at some point in your lives. The most obvious one being when you are all most likely to separate as you pursue your different careers. 

At first, if you are the one who has moved away, it can be easy to say "well I'm the one who left, so they should be making the effort with me." This for obvious reasons is the wrong approach. 

Yes, you're friends will miss you. But they are going to continue to live on with their lives, and if you expect them to make all the effort nothing is going to come out of it. 

In everyday friendships, the two parties have to make an effort or else things won't work out. So when you are separated from each other after being used to spending every Monday to Friday together, you are going to have to make that EXTRA effort. 

Now this is the part that makes me have nervous and excited. 

Nervous because I don't want to grow apart from my friends and I know that it will be really hard at times to create that balance between the old and the new. 

But I am excited because this means I can think up a million fun ways to meet up with these people. THIS MEANS PARTY PLANNING. 

Well I am not going to host a full on gala or anything, but I will be planning fun things for us to do when we all do manage to come together under the same roof. 

You could say that I practiced, when I threw a little Red Carpet themed dance party for a couple of my friends and I. It was so super simple to do, but it was SO MUCH FUN. Which I guess proves that you don't really have to make much effort when you have a bunch of good friends around you, but it is WAY more fun to get all excited when planning these things. 

I literally already have a bunch of ideas of what to do. I'm thinking a very cute and very relaxed girls movie night for the next one. *bursts with excitement at the thought of all the popcorn and the cute insta photos*

So yes, it is hard; and as exams roll around, it will get harder, but as long as everyone makes an effort, there is no need to worry about losing people. 

I guess it makes it even a little bit more fun when you haven't seen each other in a while because then you will probably never stop talking. 

And for girls, that can never be a bad thing. 

(Hope you like some of the photos from the party I mentioned above) 



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