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Art of Diary Writing

Art of Diary Writing

At this stage, I think I have well established the fact that I am quite a 'overthink-y' person. What can I say? I'm a Pisces - creative and emotional through and through. So, as an outlet for this emotion, I keep a diary.

I have been keeping a diary since 2009; and although at times it can seem a little bit laborious to document every trivial detail of your existence, in the end it pays off. You get to look back at all the things that happen, no filter.

A number of weeks ago, I did a second edition of my popular 'Reading Old Diaries' series and it got me thinking/hoping that other people may be interested in keeping a diary. Or else you just wanted an inside view into my personal thoughts and feelings... Either way...

1. Memory storage

Unlike your iPhone, there will always be enough space to write down your feelings. I know it is the modern age and all, but I still believe in using good old pen and paper. Your instagram account can be your modern age equalivant - but you definitely can't be putting any filters on this baby.

2. Therapeutic

Some people think that diaries is just like adding flames to the fire; that it only makes you dwell on things. But, personally, I think that it helps clear your mind. You can sort out all your thoughts on a piece of paper. It can often help you come to a conclusion, and if not, it at least helps to be able to express everything you're feeling without being afraid of judgement.

Well I really hope that paper doesn't judge... Because I'm sort of screwed.

3. Keepsakes

I can't even begin to count how many times I have asked someone for their cinema ticket to keep. I know it sounds awkward but keeping little trinkets like that is important.

You're not a hoarder don't worry; but keeping the things that matter... that's definitely okay.

4. Laughing at yourself

Having the odd laugh at the stupid things you thought were important is oddly enjoyable.

For example, me writing about my first boyfriend.... yeah.

5. Receipts

Girl; write it all down. You never know when that info can come in handy..

6. The Modern World

With the expansion of the internet and social media, some things have become quite artificial and stale. A diary is real and authentic and you can't just delete it from cyberspace. 

7. Pass It Down

I don't know if I will ever have children; but if I do, I hope they find these someday so they can see what there mom was really like as a hormonal teenager. Or perhaps I could be used as a 'primary source' in someones history essay many many years down the line. When they are all floating around on hover-boards and all that. 

Have I convinced you yet?

While we are on the topic of diaries, why don't you check out some of the videos I have done on my diary and diary writing process. There is some funny moments in there...



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