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Reasons to Love Autumn

Reasons to Love Autumn

If I was American, you could say that I'm a fall enthusiast.

But shocker alert... I'm not American. So in Ireland, and most of modern Europe, you could say that I am an Autumn enthusiast. I always have been.

It's the crisp bite in the air, the fall leaves & the knee high boots. I don't know, I just love it. And I know that most people pick Summer as their favorite season (holidays and all) but I have never been one to agree.

I'm here to convince you to side with the Autumn enthusiast over here.

1. Long, fluffy oversized jumpers (that probably look more suitable for bed than anything else) are socially acceptable again.

2. It's so colorful outside; crisp leaves and all.

3. You can increase the quantities of tea you consume in a day.

4. Your makeup stash gets a revamp. Hellooooo berry lips.

5. The September Issue.

6. Fluffy socks.

7. Long hugs that banish the shiver from your bones.

8. The sound of the rain when you are safely tucked away in your bed.

9. Toasting your hands in front of a fire.

10. Uggs are no longer considered a cardinal sin.

And I'm not even going to mention the pumpkin spice lattés in fear of reaching a new level of 'basic'...

But they are pretty good...


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