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Understanding Not Understanding | Anxiety Series

Understanding Not Understanding | Anxiety Series

Anxiety is a topic that I frequently discuss on this platform of mine; in the hope that it can help someone somewhere. I have been doing quite well lately, and because of that, it has kind of faded to the background of my topic list. Being replaced with generally more 'carefree' subjects, like fashion & beauty.

Being in this frame of mind more often (it's not permanent) I have been given the slightest of glimpses into the minds of those who don't understand it. Well, I guess not really, but more than before.

It really bugs me when people write off anxiety as a 'petty excuse' or 'as not even a real thing'. Because obviously it is; and frankly I think it is a better excuse than any flu.

I know a lot of people who suffer from the same anxiety levels that I do, and then there are so many teens out there suffering from depression. Yet, there are that whole other part of the population who wouldn't be able to recognise anxiety if it came up and bit them in the a**. Because there brain simply does not work on that level.

That's okay - we don't chose our brain. But just because you don't get it, does not give you the right to be so flippant about it. Frankly, it's borderline offensive.

Sometimes it can be hard to even admit that you are suffering from anxiety, so if anyone ever says it too you, or is clearly going through something. Do NOT under any circumstances say "You're being so dramatic", "You need to chill" or "God, it's not like you're dyeing"...

There may never be the 'right' answer or response but belittling someone else for the things that they have no control over. Not cool. You may not be able to see someones problems written all over their face but they're there, and may be even more prominent than anything you could see physically.

There are some people; myself included, who try to help those who are going through hard times. Personally, I would think myself to have a pretty good understanding of anxiety and 'dark times' since I have experienced it myself. However, not everyone's mind is the same. Everyone's thought process works differently, they may deal with their problems in different ways, and you spouting them all the things that you do to help yourself; may not necessarily be effective.

I know that you want to help (or at least I hope that you do) but sometimes the best thing to do is to understand that you don't understand. I know that is a bit contradictory, but I think that it can be the best tactic for trying help someone else through a hard time.

The most important thing is to be there for that person 'in spirit'. It depends on the person, but sometimes just them knowing that they are not alone can be enough.

Understanding anything related to how the mind works can be a difficult task, so I hope that I didn't completely confuse you.

If you ever need to speak to someone and can't find it in yourself to speak to a parent or a friend as you don't wish to worry them, I am always here to hear you out. (My email is linked above)

Stay strong kids x



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