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Dependency on Technology

Dependency on Technology

Another English essay for you; this time a 'persuasive' essay. 

You may find my viewpoint quite ironic considering that my 'career' (per-say) is completely based on technology and the internet. However I find that with English, you have some poetic license and your view can change. Basically you can steer the argument in whatever way gets you the most marks.

In this case it works; as when my English teacher marked it I got a pretty high mark.  For the sake of authenticity, I kept in all my little mistakes :), I hope you enjoy.

Have you ever seen the movie WALL-E? If you have and if you were able to get past the unfathomable cuteness of that little robot, you may have noticed something a little more sinister about Wall-e’s non-robotic counterparts. We all laughed at the humans that were being chauffeured around with screens in front of their faces, unbeknownst to their surroundings, absorbed in living their lives through technology. If the familiarity of that sentence hasn’t hit you yet, I must be the one to tell you, we’re already half way there.

We may not quite be depending on Wall-e to save us from global extinction; but our dependence on technology is almost equal. Add the cool floaty chairs and we’re basically there.

If we go back to the beginning of time, when man evolved from ape, what we, the humans, depended on differed a lot from today. We were a predatory species. Hunting for food, heat and survival. Now instead of chasing down the nearest squirrel, we spend our time hunting for the wifi password and our means of survival comes from a socket and a cable. Instead of carving our adventures onto cave walls, we post stories on Snapchat. Instead of perhaps inventing languages, we discuss our quintessential life crises on Twitter. Instead of depending on the earth to provide for us, we depend on technology to fulfill our every need. In this evolution process, we have grown an extra limb. A limb that contains our phones, our iPads, our laptops. A new vital organ that we depend on so greatly that without it we may actually lose the capability to breathe.

Technology is like our servant, our slave, our saviour - or our master. What can’t it do? Go ahead and voice your current want or wish, and unless you are looking for a unicorn, or you know, eternal happiness, you will probably face the response of ‘there’s an app for that’. Long gone are the days when you needed an actual map to guide you on your road trip. Now you can have Siri talk you through the entire journey, or you can allow your phone let you know how many minutes it will take you to drive home, taking in current traffic reports, of course. Why bother going to the shops when you can virtually walk around your local Supervalu from the comfort of your own home. Why bother even sticking out your arm for a cab when you can summon one to your location. Sure - why bother ever opening your mouth again, when you can communicate in 1000 different forms just by moving your fingers… We are living in a time where all of this is normal and accepted. We are living in a time when many of us couldn’t function without a plug by their side or a wifi connection in their midst.

If you believe that you are different to the masses, have a look around you right now. What do you see? You are most probably surrounded by countless pieces of technology. Whether it be phones or hair straighteners or a washing machine. technology is so ever present in our lives that if all the machines went rogue and decided to gang up against us, we wouldn’t stand a chance. Now grab your inhalers and prepare yourself for a shocking scenario. Tomorrow morning, everything with a wifi connection or battery power or a cable will no longer work. Poof, gone. Once your heart restarts, actually push yourself to imagine that situation. No phones, no tv, no netflix. No hair straightener… Not only would your hair be a bird’s nest but you would actually have to talk to each other; your poor lungs and your poor nerves.

Without technology, we would be deprived of the things that we would now regard as necessities. You come home from a night out, thick layers of tan on your tight dress, or you come back from training soaked to the skin and saturated with sweat. With no trusty washing machine at your disposal I feel like most of us would be left at a loose end. I for one would probably throw the clothes into the sink and hope for the best. Without our handy contraptions you would feel like you had caught the wrong end of the stick in a ‘upstairs, downstairs’ situation. That’s how heavily we rely on it. Then, what about life without a dishwasher? You can bet that you would spend a lot longer with the washing gloves on than you would be used too. Aside from keeping our clothes and dishes clean, there are a few more things that may be seen as a bit more ‘basic’, except in a very different way. (I’m talking the “I need my pumpkin spice latte” kind of basic) What would we do without hair curlers or hair straighteners and what about our trusty blow dryers? Without all of these bits of technology that we have grown so accustomed too, what would we look like? Somehow I feel that partially clean clothes combined with red raw hands and a big bush of hair mightn’t be a look for the runways.

Despite our ragged appearance, would we actually be able to communicate with each other? If technology was stripped away as that medium, how would we survive? Could we actually cope without using a snapchat filter to communicate our intentions? In the position that we are in now, with technology so embedded into our routines, I’m not so sure. We have come to a point where it is regarded as stranger to be seen reading a book on a train than it is to have a glowing screen in front of your face. Talking to someone in real life is more abnormal than talking a selfie. Does that mean that technology has made us dumb down and become more conceited? Possibly. The way we communicate has changed, the way we interact has changed and the way that we form our relationships has also changed. It is so common now to see a prospective relationship blossom (or burn) under the scope of social media. Your phone seems to be the tried and true third wheel of the relationship, and no one bats an eye. If couples could no longer express how much they mean to each other with a Snapchat streak, or ‘Man Crush Monday” post on Instagram then where would we stand? I somehow feel that Shakespeare would have a hard time constructing a love story out of this modern digital relationship; even though it wouldn’t be hard to find the tragedy amongst it’s pages.

Our dependency on technology had grown so great that it can practically be documented as the next step in evolution. We can’t function without it; nor do we see the need too. The sad truth of our generation rings true. We talk about the future and we laugh at the idea of being like the pathetic humans in WALL-e, but what is the distinction between us and them? Or perhaps, more accurately, how long until we become them?

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