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2017: Goals, Hopes & Dreams

2017: Goals, Hopes & Dreams

I wrote down this blog idea quite a while ago - and I have been staring at it since. I mean it's kind of a big responsibility to set your goals for the year. What if I don't achieve them? What if what I want to achieve now changes dramatically in the next few months - meaning that nothing on this least actually gets ticked off? Or what if I don't reach any of my aspirations and this turns into a list of 'what could have been'...

These are the thoughts that I am sure circle many of our minds. But it's okay. We (well I assume most of us) are teenagers - and really we shouldn't know what the hell we are doing. We're just starting out. We have aims and goals and dreams - and who cares if none of them come true? So, I may as well write all of these things down - and I welcome you to join me...

1. To complete my leaving cert with as little emotional trauma as possible.

I am set to sit my leaving cert in June of this year and to say that I am freaking out a bit might be an understatement. But - I just have to get my head down and get too it. Let's hope I find the balance to keep myself sane along with it.

2. To get the points to go to the college of my dreams; and to be okay if I don't get to go there.

I'm aiming high and have been aiming for it for a very very long time.

Let's hope I get there.

And if I don't.... To accept it and live happily where ever I end up.

3. To reach 5,000 subscribers on YouTube (you know if I get my act together and start posting again!)

It may be a long shot - but a girl has to have dreams.

4. Add another career highlight to the list...

I really don't mind what - big or small.

5. Be happy. (But no pressure there future Zo)

This one may be a hard one to keep, because a person's mind can be hard to control. No one can foresee what lies ahead but let's look at it in the most positive light.

Here's to bad decisions, lots of laughs & lots of entries on this little blog.

Happy New Year's :)

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