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New In | Sales Shopping

New In | Sales Shopping

I have to admit that I'm a bit of a sucker for a good ol' bargain - which is why this time of year makes me very very happy. I didn't go quite as crazy as I have in previous years, which is probably a good thing..

I did hit a good few of the high-street shops and filmed a little video which featured all of my purchases - which includes me trying on the bits for you to see!

Just in case you were interested in any of my purchases I tried to find the relevant links (or find similar options) for you. This may be especially relevant to you if you plan to live in a combo of leggings, hoodies & jumpers over the next few months... #lifeofaleavingcertproblems

(I did some of the key pieces but the other ones are linked below as well just without images)

Zara Blue Jumper - SALE €9.99

Zara Striped Jumper - SALE Similar Below

Urban Outfitters Volleyball League Hoodie - Similar Below

River Island Fur Hoodie - Similar Below

A few of the other bits featured... (Some of these have been reduced again btw!!)

Zara Leggings

Zara Tracksuit Pants

Zara Floral Jeans

Topshop Hoodie

River Island Dress

Zoë x



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