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Getting Artsy

Getting Artsy

Since I am only 16 (not for long more now), I am still experiencing a lot of change in my life. I was thinking about it and I have actually being doing YouTube for two years now, which is beyond crazy. So I guess that it only makes sense that there a slight transition from some of my earlier videos.

In the last number of weeks I have decided to challenge myself and experiment with the kind of content that I produce. For a while I was just posting to post. I would wrack my brain for ideas and when I came up with none, I would choose something that maybe I wasn't all that passionate about and put it up anyways.

I have decided to change tactics. I now only post when I am proud of the video that I created. Unfortunately despite the creative talents that I possess, I do not have the ability to come up with something utterly magnificent every single week. So there will be a couple of gaps here and there within my Friday uploads, and I hope that you can understand that.

Instead I am really putting time into the videos that I do create, and I think they are looking a lot better because of that (well you know hopefully). I haven't actually done a sit down chat to you video in a little while, just because I have been really getting into editing and filming again. Which is super fun for me.

The last video that I published, took about ten hours total to create. Which seems beyond ridiculous, but isn't it pretty cool? Personal - yes, but after said two years on YouTube, I guess it is only fair that I open up to you even just a little.

Now that I have opened myself up to this creative expression again, my head is full of ideas for more 'artsy' type of videos. So with the help of my ever supportive mom, I hope that I will get to put my ideas into action.

For those of you who have subscribed to my channel for the other types of videos that I post, then you don't have to worry. I believe in balance, and if you want to see me ramble my way through a favorites video or clumsily stumble through a makeup tutorial, then that is exactly what I will do. Those kind of videos are the reason that I started YouTube, and I have no intention of stopping.

Now, I know that I am a creative genius and all, but I do still really appreciate your video and blog-post ideas as I will forever look to you for my inspiration.

I guess this new artsy expression of mine is my substitute for the fact that I literally can barely hold a paintbrush. Or maybe I am growing into my future 17 year old self. Who knows? But I am strapped in and ready for the ride.

I hope that you continue to be my sidekick.

All my love,

Zoë x

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