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All About that Base

All About that Base

Well if you know me at all, I am all about that base... Sorry I'm a big fan of puns.

But I am in fact really into my whole foundation routine. I know that you can really change the shape of your face with contouring and we can really make our eyes pop with all that eye makeup; but I love pretending that I do in fact have perfect skin.

So I thought that I would show you the products that I use to achieve this pretend perfection..

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Siberia

There is a reason why every YouTuber under the sun raves about this foundation. It's bloody brilliant. Not too heavy coverage, lasts a long time and gives the most amazing glowy finish. Totally worth the money. 

I use what feels like a million brushes in this whole process. And for the foundation itself I use the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, Real Techniques Buffing Brush and a Mac 168 fluffy brush.

Nars Creamy Concealer in Chantilly

When you have the amount of spots that this gal does, you really need a concealer that will work wonders, and this does just that.

It also really brightens up your skin, and other than using it to just conceal my problem areas, I also use it to brighten up my face. So I apply it in the center of my forehead, my chin and on the bridge of my nose.

And if I was on a particularly bad Netflix binge the night before, I also use it under my eyes.

Mac Studio Fix Concealer in NC15


Any spot you have, with a little detailer brush, it completely disappears. Well you know basically.

YSL Touch Éclat

A staple for everyone. Or at least it should be.

It seems that this little guy can do literally anything. It has a million different uses. But it helps with color correcting under my eyes (sometimes combined with the Nars) and it is such a staple product.

Natural Collection Powder in Light

You have to set it all obviously, but you don't always need something super expensive to do so. This one is doing the job for me at the moment as I have quite recently discovered oily skin.

Don't ask how I didn't realise but hey at least I know now!

Bare Minerals Powder in Light

I use this guy on spots and under my eyes just to make sure that all my hard work stays on for as long as possible. I think that it is technically a foundation but I have never used Bare Minerals for that actual purpose. 

I hope that you enjoyed this little post; and maybe you even found it helpful if you have a similar skin type to me or want to achieve the same kind of look. If you want to see what my face looks like *in person* so to speak, in all my videos in the past year I have been keeping to this routine.

Let me know if want any more posts like this in the future...

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