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Glossybox | Signing Up & First Impressions

Glossybox | Signing Up & First Impressions

If you are into beauty and makeup like many of us are, you may have heard of something called a 'beauty subscription box'. There are a bunch of different companies that offer this service, and I decided to choose this one.

I read up on them and this seemed to offer most of what I wanted. Others are aligned to particular brands or products but this one seemed to offer a good range of items for a beginner, and truly, I am a sucker for the branding of it all.

If you are thinking of signing up to this or any other beauty subscription box, I thought that this might help you form an opinion on them. (I hope to review some of the products in the future, so look out for that too)

Signing Up & Price Point

After deciding that I wanted to sign up with Glossybox, I went to their website and honestly was a teeny bit confused. There are a number of packages that you can sign up too, and they make it kind of confusing as to which is actually the most rewarding.

Of course, the suggested one is the most expensive, and includes a 6 month contract. I didn't go for this, and I didn't want to jump into it without knowing what the service was actually offering. So, I went for the month by month offer, which is advertised at 10£ per month. This doesn't include VAT and shipping so in total it comes in at just under 15£. Leaving conversion rates aside, I think that this is a pretty good deal.

Beauty Questionare

Once you have signed up and ordered your first box, you are asked a series of questions about your preferences in the beauty and makeup world, as well as a few general questions. I'm not sure if this is just for show or not as I assume that the boxes are pre-decided, but it would be great that if I was given a foundation I would be given one in the right color.


Considering I am just trying out the products now and can't really comment on their quaility, I can say that the packaging is by far my FAVORITE part. It is like a beautiful gift arriving at your door. In a way, it kind of gave me the kind of weird satisfaction of getting a present for myself for Valentine's Day or something.

The box itself is pretty, pink and perfect; and the crepe paper and ribbon inside is no less satisfying.

First Impressions

Inside the box (other than the wondrous packaging) is the products themselves. As promised, there were 5 full sized products waiting for me, as well as a small little tester thrown in. Normally, I only find shampoo and conditioner exciting when I take them from hotels, but I like that it is a nice mix of products.

Favorite has to be the beautiful makeup brush, something that I was not expecting from something like a beauty subscription box.

There are a HUGE range of brands signed to Glossybox, which makes sense as they call themselves the UK's number one beauty subscription service...

So far, I am really happy with my 'beauty subscription box' experience, and I would recommend trying it. If nothing else, it kind of adds a bit of sparkle to your postbox :)

Until Next Time x