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Review | Kiehl's Leave-In Hair Concentrate

Review | Kiehl's Leave-In Hair Concentrate

By now, you probably know that I have blonde, short (and highlighted hair). I wouldn't call my hair curly but it is definitely wavy, with the odd ringlet.

I have never really been super 'into' my hair; I usually just leave it dry naturally and then complain about it being a bit crazy. Messy buns are more of a lifestyle choice I guess. For the last few years, I go through the odd phase with a new hair product but I have never really found anything that suited me.  So I was really excited when this Kiehl's oil arrived in the post.

It's called "Kiehl's Smoothing Oil-Infused Leave-In Concentrate" and I am really falling in love with it. It's made of Argan & Babusu Oils which are made to combat dry and frizzy hair. We all heard about Argan Oil and Moroccan Oils when they made their rounds a few years ago. But, I never jumped on that bandwagon; but I guess it wasn't a complete fad, because whatever is in this stuff really does work.

Argan Oil is hailed for it's restorative and protective properties and (as I have just learned) Babussu Oil, which I am struggling to pronounce, is meant to be really good for moisture. I know that in general I am not a hair care expert, but I think I can judge if a product works or not, and this really does.

I use it on both damp and dry hair; and might even use a little too much! It's just really effective! AND it smells AMAZING! I am terrible describing scents but it has a really comforting (but strong smell). My hair feels a lot smoother and silkier with (hardly) any frizz. It makes my hair a lot more manageable!

I use it every time I wash my hair, so roughly every two days and use it when my hair is still quite damp and scrunch it through, and then (if need be) I apply a little more to the front, as this is where things can get a bit more crazy. Then, I'm good to go, and my hair feels, and looks a lot better for it!

They also have a shampoo and conditioner from the same line; but I am quite content with just this. More details are below; ref prices etc.

Smooth Oil Infused Shampoo 250ML - RRP €18.50

Smooth Oil Infused Conditioner 200ML - RRP €23.00

Smooth Oil Infused Leave In Concentrate 75ML - RRP €23.00

*All products are available from Late June; I am not sponsored or affiliated with this brand but did receive this product as 'Blogger Mail'. But my opinions are my own.


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