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Overthinking | Anxiety Series

Overthinking | Anxiety Series

Welcome to the first installment of my new teenage anxiety series. I thought that I would start out with something that seems quite simple, but I think is one of the main components of an anxious person's state of mind.

For this particular post, there are only a minimal number of solutions that you could possibly arrive at. But, I tried my best.

Let's get into it, and keep your eyes peeled for further editions.

Overthinking is one of my main pastimes; and it gets me into a lot of trouble.

Overthinking is usually categorised as quite a female trait, which I don't 100% agree with. Of course, I am speaking from the female perspective, but I believe that anyone can have the tendency to overthink things. I just think that some people overthink things more than others.

Maybe you could put it on a scale; and I personally think that I rank quite high. Of course, it depends on the day or the week. Some weeks are just overthinking weeks, and I would literally spend hours deconstructing a text message from my friend, convincing myself that they have a secret vendetta against me.

You either overthink things or you don't, I guess it is just the way that you are wired. For those who don't overthink things, you may not even understand what the big deal is. Why does it cause such problems; it's just thinking too much. Well, it is not like overthinking a maths problem.

It ends up being a lot more complex. You see, as you overthink things, your brain goes into overdrive, and you end up actually creating scenarios in your head. It's like composing a very twisted fictional fantasy in your head and with each thought you wind up getting further and further away from reality. Then you actually end up feeling like Dougal from Father Ted, needing a lesson on how to distinguish between fact and fiction.

Yes, it sounds ridiculous, and you probably now believe that us over thinkers belong in the looney bin, but it’s completely true. Based on what you overthink, you act on what you now believe to be true. Which, in turn, leads to some pretty disastrous situations.

For example, texting and overthinking are not a good combo. I actually don’t even want to discuss how many times I have been crying over something that is so far from reality that you actually have to search for the truth. I really think that social media and overthinking tend not to mix in general as everything you read just adds fuel to the fire.

When you’re busy (now I mean really every second of your day busy), overthinking doesn’t tend to cause as many problems. You need alone time to really stew over things and overthink them, and with less alone time, your problems don’t seem to have as much time to pop up. So even though work or study can provide copious amounts of stress in themselves, if you are lucky, overthinking tends to play a smaller role in the situation.

So, for me anyway, on the busy weeks, showers and the time just before I go to sleep are the worst. They are empty and without occupation, leaving your mind run wild. I guess in a way, free time is both a blessing and a curse.

Now, I am never one to write an entire article without one glimpse of hope or humor; so, I shall pull you from the dark place that I created.

Let us imagine overthinking as a type of dark monster that is buried in your subconscious. Now, what do you with monsters? Surely you have collected some knowledge from all those Netflix binges that dominate your past. Well let me give you a quick recap.

You, ie the hero of the story, team up with your accomplices and you lock away the villain of the story. You can't win the battle alone. Talking to people really really helps. If you don't wish to seek professional help for your anxiety and general overthinking-ness, then there is no one better than your friends. If nothing else, they will reassure you that you are not in fact crazy, and will help make that blurry line between fact and fiction,that overthinking has created, a lot clearer.

Personally, laughter is the best remedy for absolutely everything.

So yes, overthinking, is a complete pain. A complete and utter pain. But, it will only dominate your life if you allow it too. Gather up your friends and try your best to push that evil villain that is overthinking, into the deepest darkest corner of your brain. It's a sneaky little devil, so there is no guarantee that it will remain there forever. There is no doubt that it will rear it's ugly head again, but at least now you have some idea how to combat it.

Overthinking & anxiety go hand and hand, so at least we are one step closer to keeping it at bay; allowing you to live your life to the fullest.

Swords up everyone, we got this.


Look out for future editions of this series..... Coming Soon.