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How to Write a Blogpost 101

How to Write a Blogpost 101

Status Update: I have almost completed 17 years on this earth.

The majority of those years, I have spent writing. Whether it be in a diary or on a blog, I usually spend the majority of my time writing about one thing or another.

However, when it comes to the time to actually write an article or write a blogpost; it doesn't really get any easier. If you're here, then that means you are either a blogger in search of inspiration or a possible future blogger. If either is correct (or perhaps there is a secret option number three, where you are just interested), then I hope that I can provide some sort of assistance.

I have two phases, either I can sit down and write a piece in 30 minutes (or several pieces in a few hours) or I can stare at my screen, or my page for what feels like eternity. Below are some of my tips that I have learned from both moods.

1. Pick a Time & Space

(That was such a stupid and basically non-existent play on words there, I apologise)

As much as I sometimes wish the opposite writing a post or article can take some time. Not always, as sometimes some of my best articles have been written in the shortest space of time, but for the most part, you need to dedicate some time to make them right.

This especially applies to reviews and things like that; for me, they seem to take the most time and effort. (But I guess that is a personal thing)

Now, for the space; you need somewhere to write. I usually write from my desk (super original) but, no matter what happens, I have to write somewhere that is clean & organised. I also have a playlist, somewhat ironically called 'Pondering', that I listen to when writing. I know all the songs on the playlist so well that it is comforting and keeps me focused. It may sound counter-productive to play music when technically you are trying to get down to the task at hand; but it's all about getting into your zone! (*dies from the cheesiness of that sentence*)

2. Choose a Topic & Get Inspired

This can be the hardest part.

Some people work to deadlines (as in having to have a post up every Monday), which means that they have to come up with content for that post. Unless you have something specific in mind, this can be a nightmare.

Particularly for people who are new to the blogging world, this can be a really hard task. When I was starting out, I used to literally type into Google 'blog post ideas'. Something that didn't garner any success & something that I would not recommend. What I would suggest is looking up other blogs and writers that you like, and get inspired by them. However, blatant copying is never going to get you anywhere. There is nothing wrong with getting inspired, but be original.

3. Content

I guess this is kind of a continuation of the previous point; but planning your content on a whole is obviously really important.

With bloggers & influencers coming to the forefront in recent years, there has been so many people joining the blogging world. Which is fantastic; but sometimes the people who join, joing for the wrong reasons. Not going to get into that bit now, but whatever your reasons for blogging, you need to actually have an interest in what you are writing about.

Don't just write about something because everyone else is, and don't write a post just because you think it will get a lot of views. Write something that you actually feel somewhat passionate about and something that you actually enjoy. 

If the content you write is a chore, then you need to switch it up. Most people who read blogs want to know about YOU as an individual; so let your individuality shine through and all should be okay.

4. Actually Writing

I would love to tell you exactly how to write a post word for word, but unfortunately, that isn't possible. All I can say is stick to what you know and avoid all spelling & grammar mishaps!!

5. Imagery

When you have decided what you want to write about; and well you know written it, you need to get some good images to go along with it.

If you can, and want to take up blogging seriously, investing in a good camera is a must. You don't need to completely break the bank, but if you want to take good photos, it's a must. You can just borrow a lot of shots from the internet (for this particular post I dug into the web's gif supply) but if you want to take OOTD shots & do reviews,

I have employed my mom & some of my friends to take shots for me before, and all of them have been taken on my Canon 600D. I got this over three years ago, and it has proved it's worth time and time again. (It is also the camera I use for my YouTube channel)

Training in a friend/boyfriend or mom is almost vital if you plan on being a 'fashion blogger' - trust me the self timer shots hardly ever work.

If you want to do food/lifestyle or basically any type of blogging; it is good to have a camera at your disposal.

6. Promotion

Spending all this time writing content is futile if no one actually knows that it is out there! I know some people shy away from promoting their posts (which I understand), but when you decide to start a blog or are a full time blogger - you are already kind of putting yourself on the line for haters to scrutinize you. 

I hated doing it but in the end I set up an actual Facebook Page to promote my posts & inform people of my blog and YouTube's general existence. It can be a little awkward to indulge in some blatant self promotion, but what's the point without people reading it?

(It is up to you whether to make your page or account under your blog name or your personal name; it depends on the brand that you are trying to create...)


I wish, that was all that is involved in writing/running a blog; but alas, it isn't. Guess I'll just have to let you find out the rest on your own, and keep all the juicy secrets to myself....

How Gossip Girl of me.


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