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Life of an Intern | IMAGE Magazine

Life of an Intern | IMAGE Magazine

(Watch the video of the whole experience here)

I have just finished my Summer Internship with IMAGE magazine - my second stint in Image Publications (my last was when I was just 15).

I'm going to be honest; it was hard work... But it was also a complete blast. I have been decided on what I want to do for some time now, and if nothing else, this has affirmed my decision. I 100% want to work for a magazine someday - and to have an actual basis to make this decision on is such a sigh of relief. 

I worked mainly in the PR & Events department, so I got to attend all of the Image run events. My first full day actually began at 6am to work at a Networking Breakfast in the Marker. Talk about diving into things headfirst.

That was followed directly by the Dubai Duty Free Irish Darby - and this has to rank as one of my favorite days. The fashion, the fun, the socialising - all of that is the stuff that I dream of being apart of my daily routine. I got to take over Melanie's Snapchat (i.e Melanie Morris, Editor in Chief of IMAGE) and this meant being right in the thick of things - which is of course my favorite place to be. I am also so thankful to Melanie for letting me be apart of all the action - my experience wouldn't have been half as star studded without her.

Once I actually got my but back in the office - a lot of the learning began. A lot of it may seem pretty basic but it's the kind of things that you only learn from such experience. Like how the general working lifestyle operates - everything down to lunch time & tea break activities are interesting to watch play out. Of course, every company is different, but to be given my first insight into such a life in such a lovely enviornment, was absolutely amazing.

What did I actually spend my days doing, you ask? Well, what you would expect any intern to be doing. All the stuff that no one else wants to do! I wasn't alone in my intern experience - there was loads of us roaming about the office. Which meant that you never had to complete a task (whatever it may have been) alone.

So some days were passed organising the Image libraries, others were spent updating press lists or a whole crowd of us sorting out the recycling. Thankfully - said interns were all incredibly welcoming and nice; so even though some tasks sounded pretty mundane, there was rarely a dull moment.

When we were out of the office, there was hardly a second to collect your thoughts there was so much going on. I guess that's part of being on the events team.

We all know at this stage that my dreams lie in working in fashion - so I did get to move over to the fashion editorial section for a little while. Which I just adored. I can't even explain why. I wasn't even doing anything of huge importance; but if what little I was involved in made me that happy.... (I'm actually beaming just thinking about it)

While apart of this section, I got to go and help out on one of the fashion shoots for the September Issue. This also may slip into my list of favorite days. If you have never been on a fashion shoot before; it can be quite long, and for some quite boring. But as energy waned in the others, I just sat and watched the whole thing basically beaming.

I am painting the most glorious picture of the whole thing - so I also want to share with you something else that I realized that is a bit more sobering. (But don't worry there is a silver lining at the end, courtesy of your eternal optimistic here)

Last time I was in IMAGE - I was only there for a week and the whole working life didn't really have as much of an impact on me as it does now. This time round, I got up at 6:49 every morning, I got the bus at 7:55 and I got the train at 8:07. Day in day out, this was my routine. It was completely bizarre to me to encounter the exact same 3 people at my bus stop every morning, and to sit near the same 10 people on the train. I just didn't understand the whole regime of it all until now. For workers out there - this probably doesn't seem so crazy - but for me it woke me up to the inevitable mundanity of an average working routine.

It kind of got to me for a while, because as a natural dreamer, the thought of being trapped in a mundane lifestyle has never been on the cards for me. There were a few days when I dreaded the thought of the bumping into 'red coat girl' on my bus or 'peak cap guy' on my train. Just because it makes you realize that it is in fact a very small, and mundane world.

But, thankfully, before I drove myself totally insane, the optimistic in me kicked in. It dawned on me that every situation is what you make it. Like if I sat bored and moody at the fashion shoot, it would rank as low on my list, but because I smiled solidly through the whole thing, I loved it. This bordered on a long winded explanation of the idea that 'life is what you make it' - but I hope you understand what I was putting across.

In conclusion - wow. I had an amazing and inspiringly productive Summer. I would go back and work there in a heartbeat. Even just to see the friends that I made while I was there and work alongside the people that I did.

If you ever happen upon the opportunity to work there... go for it.

If you want a more in-depth look at my time in IMAGE, why not watch this short video that I made about my everyday life there... 




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