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47 Things You Learn as a Teenager

47 Things You Learn as a Teenager

1. Perfect skin is a thing of the past; and if you're lucky, a possible thing of the future.

2. People actually don't judge you on every item of clothing that you wear; so wear whatever the hell you want.

3. Accept the fact that any time anything goes wrong with any piece of electronical equipment that it will be your job to fix it. Even if it just involves turning it off and on again...

4. Eat that bar of chocolate - life is too short to worry about it now. (Also - our metabolisms tend to be pretty bomb at this age anyways)

5. Friends over ANY romantic interest. Unless it's like Harry Styles or Cole Sprouse or something; your bestie will understand.

6. Celebrity retouching is STILL a thing. No one in real life actually looks like the girl on the cover... or the girl in your instagram feed.

7. Dance like absolutely no one is watching. (Twerking optional)

8. Don't rush.

9. Never let anyone judge you for how much you sleep. This is your only chance to use the excuse 'I'm still growing'.

10. Rolling your eyes is never going to make any situation better. But do it anyway. 

11. You should schedule in a good cry into your routine because being a teenager is HARD.

12. There is nothing that can't be solved with a cup of tea.

13. Paying attention to the people that talk about you behind your back will be your greatest downfall.

14. Never apologize for being you.

15. Read the last one again. It's important.

16. You will have an awkward phase - and it will probably involve a side fringe.

17. Your parents are right like 80% of the time.

18. When you are stalking someone's instagram account and accidentally like a picture from 144 weeks ago - you have full permission to want to flee the country.

19. Netflix binges are a necessary evil. 

20. You can be surrounded by people and still feel utterly alone.

21. Throw away your weighing scales. It's the best move for your health you will ever make.

22. Understand that sometimes you just don't understand.

23. School exams are not the be all and end all; recite this to yourself before you start planning your lifelong career in McDonald's.

24. Not all memories can be captured in your camera roll.

25. As much as you want to take the moral high ground - you will probably still find yourself bitching about the bitches that bitch about bitching.

26. Everyone is a little weird - accept it as originality and respect it.

27. Perfection doesn't exist.

28. No honestly it really doesn't.

29. Yes I know Gigi Hadid is all the goals but no one is perfect.



30. Other people's opinions of you do not define who you are.

31. Honesty is the best policy, yes. But the Truth Hurts. 

32. Your beloved bed may seem like the only thing that you can rely on in this world, but there are actually some pretty cool things beyond the covers.

33. No matter how happy you are in a single moment, your world can come crashing down with a single word.

34. No matter what the situation - people will see it as their right to comment on the coming and goings of your life.

35. In the eyes of the large and judgmental population - you're either a slut or a prude. People feel that they have to put you into categories, this is only because they don't have the capability to process your originality.

36. Not everyone is going to like you, and that's completely okay.

37. You're right. No one will ever fully understand you.

38. Your own personal health & well-being should come first on your list of priorities. You should not feel guilty for this fact.

39. You have plenty of time to be an adult - so make all your stupid decisions now.

40. Jealousy is a thing.

41. Admitting that you are wrong is one of the hardest but most rewarding things you could ever do.

42. There is nothing wrong with having the occasional hug with your childhood teddy bear.

43. Laughter is the single best noise on this planet. You can fight me on this one.

44. You will have to deal with the "do you need new jeans" comments when you wear you're ripped skinnies around your grandparents.

45. No matter how strong your opinions, sometimes you have to agree to disagree.

46. The people that hurt you don't deserve to be in your life.

47. There are a million more things to learn; and we are very lucky to have the time to learn them.


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