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Must See: Fashion Films & Documentaries

Must See: Fashion Films & Documentaries

If you're a lover of fashion and/or film, then I think that this post should be perfect for you.

Since I have wanted to work in the fashion industry since I can remember, I have always made it my mission to watch every documentary about it that I can find (& read every issue of Vogue that I can get!) Just so that I can have some idea of what I am in for in years to come.

If you are in search of something that stretches beyond The Devil Wears Prada (even though I did feature that one too) - hopefully I have gathered something for you. I split each list into 'fashion documentaries' and movies (and shows) that have the most amazing fashion in them...

Fashion Documentaries

These are kind of placed in order of my favorites.. But all are fantastic insights into different aspects of the fashion industry. Honestly though anything with Grace Coddington seems to capture my heart (and the hearts of many others..)

In Vogue: The Editor's Eye

My most recent discovery and main motivation behind this post. I loved this insight into the lives, personalities and jobs of the Fashion Editor. Brilliantly produced with a great narrative and cast by Anna Wintour and an assortment of celebrities.

Shows how Vogue progressed through it's (then) 120 years and how the fashion editors shaped it's unbelievable content.

BONUS - it's completely free and the link above will take you to it for your watching pleasure.

Bill Cunningham New York

"Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life."

You may have heard of this movie earlier this year when, sadly, the star of the New York streets, Bill Cunningham passed away.

This is honestly one of the most beautiful & emotional movies about fashion that I have ever seen. It showcases the life of street photographer extraordinaire Bill Cunningham; and shows how he worked and how lonely his life was.

You can't watch this one without it bringing a smile to your face and a tear to your eye. Superb.

The September Issue

Possibly the most famous feature on the fashion industry and on the woman at the helm, Anna Wintour; the September Issue is a must see.

Grace Coddington totally steals the show (and your heart) in this film - but also shows the power of Anna Wintour. I personally don't see her as the Ice Queen.. But I will let that one up to you.

Dior & I

If you want to know what it is really like behind the scenes at one of the world’s top fashion houses, you will love this documentary charting Raf Simons first collection for the House of Christian Dior.

Highly visual and beautifully filmed, it includes personal interviews with the seamstresses and creative team at Dior as well as with the brilliant Raf Simons. The documentary imparts the emotion and tension behind creating the collection, whilst giving the viewer an understanding of the real business of fashion.

(A must see to add to your Netflix Queue..)

Fashion Films & Series

I don't really mind if you have no interest in the basis of these movies at all - you can just marvel at the costume departments handiwork & keep on the look out for designer labels that you know and love.

Marie Antionette

Even before the movie - I always held a certain fascination with Marie Antionette. I remember doing a class project on her when everyone else was talking about Hannah Montana (yeah, I was that kid). But the movie cemented my love for her (& my love for Versailles)

The movie was directed by Sophia Coppola and is exquisitely shot and styled. Even if you are not a fan of the story or the era, you can just gaze at the beauty of the movie as a whole. There is also a scene of the movie set to the music "I Want Candy" that is just enviable... Those shoes though.

What I love about this movie is that there seems to be a 'style evolution' as the movie progresses. She starts out in relatively simpler outfits (I mean simple for the time!) and then it gets more and more extravagant and the hair just gets higher and higher..

I do have a place in my heart for the simple white dresses she wears in her little palace & farm though - maybe it's because I could actually think of wearing those kind of things in public. Or maybe not..


Who hasn't heard of Clueless? A 90's classic and Netflix staple that has worked it's way back into popular culture again. You can even get dressed in a virtual dressing room just like Cher!!

90's is back baby and if you have a hope of pulling it off you need to watch this first.. Keep the fluffy pink pens out, and take style notes.

My favorite look has to the yellow tartan suit... AS IF!

Even though all of Cher's outfits deserve an award for pure guts, I vote for the simple red dress she wears to the party.. That look was all types of perfect - and oddly wearable in today's world without even fully 'challenging' the 90's vibes.

Desperately Seeking Susan

This was a movie that I was introduced to at a young age by my Mom - who has been obsessed with Madonna since her Lucky Star video - and just like her, I fell in love with it. I had to include it because this is the epitome of 80's fashion and launched a million Madonna-esque clones, including my mom.

If you don't just want to watch it for the outfits and the Into the Groove dance scene - the movie isn't half bad either.

Honestly - was there anyone else in the movie but Madonna? I featured one of the other main character out of courtesy but Madonna really ruled the style stakes of this one.

Grab the headbands, the glitzy jackets and the cross earrings and let's do this...

Gossip Girl

By now, you have probably heard of/seen the hit show of the 00's, Gossip Girl. I personally have never made it past the third season; the plots just get more and more far fetched as the seasons progress, but I never did get bored of the fashion.

This is one of the shows that you could even just skim through for the style.. Because, in my humble opinion, there isn't that much else going for it.

I was always a Serena girl, but this could be put down to my general fascination with any blonde character ever (it began with Aurora and basically continued from there). Blair was always too prim and proper for me but you have to give her props for her out there style creds.

Who's your GG style crush?


This is one of the ones that I actually watch because I love this show - more than just the style. But the costume department of this show is amazing, because they bring contemporary brands and designers and aren't afraid to mix up the style of the era.

This may bug you if you feel like they should stick to the 'status quo' and focus on being historically accurate, but if you don't mind too much about that, you will love this show.

Since Mary is the Queen of Scotland (& later France), of course she tends to be the best dressed but all her ladies, and of course Catherine de Medeci, have their own style. Look out for many features by Alexander McQueen and other designers; you definitely say that these royals are very well dressed.

(My other style favorites are Claude & Kenna if you were wondering..)

Get watching - and let me know who your greatest style crush is from these fashion films & documentaries x



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