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Vintage Vibes | PORTUGAL

Vintage Vibes | PORTUGAL

Dress - Jasper Conran

Lips - Urban Decay 714

Earrings - Topshop

Shoes - Nike (comfort came first!)

A few things surprised me about this trip.

1. How much an outfit can affect my mood

2. How badly I under-packed

Thankfully, my mom was able to save the day on both of these accounts, as we are around the same dress size (and shoe size), so we got to share some of our outfits from the trip.

I felt very vintage in this Jaspar Conran number, and with the train (and cute hat), I also felt very 'Brooklyn'. I think the shoes are the only thing that let me down in reprising a role as Saoirse Ronan, but when wandering around Faro, comfort came first.

We actually flew into Faro originally (directly from Kerry) but instantly jetted out into the Algarve, just like everyone else. However, we made a trip back to have a little wander around the city - and I have to say that we were all very pleasantly surprised. It just doesn't get the credit that it deserves, as it was easily one of the prettiest places that we went to on the whole trip.

Also - one startling thing that we noticed about the entire trip was that the service was absolutely terrible. You would literally have to schedule in two and a half hours just to have lunch. Faro was the startling exception, with the best service and the best meal we had.

This outfit also may win as one of my favorites from the whole trip (which makes sense considering how many pics I have in it!) - but I will let you decide on that one.


More Portugal posts coming soon..


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