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Style Icons #2

Style Icons #2

When you think about style icons, you probably think of some of the Old Hollywood stars like Audrey Hepburn & Marilyn Monroe. It's true that these names will forever provide all the goals; but the world of fashion is forever evolving and new icons replace the old.

This edition in this "Style Icons" series of mine, revolves around the social media age (what doesn't these days?) So here are some of the style icons that I take inspiration from every time they pop up on my instagram feed.

Amanda Steele

It sometimes saddens me that Amanda Steele, YouTuber and emerging style icon, is actually younger than me. I guess this proves, that you can take inspiration from wherever you see fit.

Amanda oozes edge and glamour in a very much 'I don't care" kind of manner. And, if what I hear is true, she doesn't have a stylist - proving that credit it very much due.

I live for her OOTD posts on Instagram - style envy at it's peak.

Selena Gomez

Let's all bow down to the Queen of Instagram, Miss Selena Gomez.

Over the past year, Selena has risen higher and higher on the star meter. She has become the most followed person on Instagram; and she seems to have hired a pretty kick ass stylist (Kate Young) who constantly makes Selena look AMAZING.

She balances sexiness with classiness in form fitting silk ensembles - but it never looks too fussy or uncomfortable. Adding to the allure of Selena as your 'girl next door'. She's also killing it with her now ever-changing tour outfits and is well on her way to cementing her Style Icon status.

Kylie Jenner

You may hate it; but you can't deny that Kylie is a style icon of today's generation.

Everything she wears, everyone wants it. She sets the trends - sometimes without even seeming to realize it. She balances between her signature sport luxe style and walking up in the chicest of looks. I'm always happier when she stays away from the classic Kim K style and branches out - considering she is already forming her own empire.

Excuse me while I go wait in line for her latest Kylie Kosmetics launch..

Allie Marie Evans

I have been following Allie on social media for quite sometime and for me, she is my old Hollywood style icon reincarnated.

Sometimes looking at her style you kind of feel like she was born in the wrong era. She loves vintage looks (clearly) but she never looks like a 'yard sale gone wrong' with too many pieces thrown together. Instead her looks are classy, simple and undeniably enviable.

Can I move to LA yet?

Hope you enjoyed.. Who's your style icon?


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