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Sleeplessness & My Remedies || Anxiety Series

Sleeplessness & My Remedies || Anxiety Series

Here we are at the third installment of my anxiety series, and in many ways I feel like I have only scratched the surface. Some people have said that I am putting into words what they are feeling, and that makes me feel really happy and also it makes the whole thing seem a lot more normal.

Anxiety is normal in today's day and age, but it still helps to talk about it and discuss it; so here we go. Let's talk about losing sleep because of that lovely overthinking mind of yours.

I never used to lose sleep over anything. I used to just possess this magical ability where I could just be all 'lights out, no one's home' as soon as I hit the pillow. I can't quite remember when I lost those special powers, but god, would I like them back.

Now, if I have an event the next day that I need to get sleep for, or if I have something playing on my mind; I could toss & turn for hours without a wink. This is why I tend to go to bed quite early anyways just to be extra extra sure that even if I can't get to sleep for a while, I am still going to be okay for the next day.

The thing is that I know I'm just being over-anxious about nothing, but I can't seem to fully convince myself of that. It's a complete plague and dictates almost every night-time activity, but I have established a few little remedies that help.

I know that some of them may seem like nonsense; but if it is your mind that is the problem (and it seems to be the main culprit in all anxiety situations) then the only thing to do is get it to take a metaphorical chill pill. So here's what I do to try and help, and I hope that some of them may work for you too.


While I was working with IMAGE Magazine, I was unbelievably anxious about sleep because I had to be up so early everyday. This fact just seemed to give my brain extra fuel for worrying.

You may have experienced the same thing if you have an event the following day and you keep calculating in your head how many hours of sleep you need to be a decent human being the next day. Nine times out of ten, your calculations are off and you will actually be okay if you don't get that extra hour, but trying to tell your mind that... Oh boy.

So, what works for me, when there is something that you need to get up for consecutively like school or work, is establishing a routine that puts my mind at ease. Then, if you go along with this routine when you need to sleep, you have more of a chance of not worrying too much about it, because you have done it all before.

This sounds totally crazy - but it is kind of like training your body to relax and sleep. I don't know if this is scientifical in any sense of the word, but if it brings you peace, why not give it a go.

My routine got to some crazy levels sometimes though. It got to a point where I had to eat at a certain time, had to be in bed by a certain time, had to stop eating at a certain time and even had to take off my god damn jumper at the same time.

Keep it sane when attempting to keep your mind sane.

Homeopathic Remedies

Desperate times do call for desperate measures, but I didn't quite want to develop an addiction to heavy duty sleeping tablets so young.

But, I have tried out a bunch of natural remedies that I think work really well. The reason I say 'think' is because it may also be something to do with the placebo effect, but you can totally ignore me when I say that.

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

This is the guy that I swear by (look at me rhyming) - because it's a nice and simple thing to add to the 'routine' that we discussed and does actually seem to help to calm you down when you need to sleep.

It's also very easy to get into the habit of using it and I actually do think that it helps me sleep - and according to popular opinion, a lot of other people feel the same way too. A little pricey for what it is - and if you don't want to fork it over, a girl recommended literally just using lavender and water. For me, I like to commit to the big brands as, for some unknown reason, I have more faith in them.

Kalms Night Tablets

Although in Tablet form, this is another natural remedy. I don't take this that often but usually taking one gives me enough peace of mind that I actually do calm down, and eventually fall asleep.

You are technically meant to take it 30 minutes to an hour before you go to bed - but I like to wait until I feel I really earned it. That sounds bizarre but you know what I mean.

Bach Rescue Night Liquid Melts & Rescue Night Drops

I got these recently, and have only had to try the liquid melts (bonus as it means I have been getting more unassisted sleep lately). There are loads of these kind of things on the market, and it is whichever one you decide to put your trust in, is usually the one that works.

One thing that I do recommend though, is that you try them before you actually need them. For example, just use one of them one night, and if you sleep well that night, it helps the next time you use it because you will tend to trust it more.

It's all about the mind games.


I have an almost permanent rule on 'NEED TO SLEEP' nights that I don't go near my phone about an hour before I go to bed.

Instead, I try reading. I usually opt for something that isn't too heavy so that I don't keep myself up all night thinking about it. For me, Vogue has seemed to be a pretty good light read - but if I get stressed about sleep, I always read the Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn.

I probably know the first two chapters of that book off my heart at this point, and that seems to be oddly comforting.

So these are a couple of the things that help me sleep when my mind starts acting up. I hope that some of them will help you and I hope you don't think I'm too crazy...

But hey we all go a little mad sometimes..


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