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Content Creation

Content Creation

I have always been very open minded about my career choices for the future. From the outset (we’re talking maybe 8 years old here), I knew that I always wanted to do something creative, something that involved writing. It jumped from being an author, to being a journalist, a lawyer (after one CSI binge) and then back to journalism.

I have stayed pretty set on that path every since, but there is no point in pretending that I will ever fall into exactly what I envisioned for myself. In the last 5 years alone, the media world has gone through a dramatic shift. Print media is becoming more and more outdated. Instead of being the primary source of information, it is like the secondary thread of the social media and online world. Nowadays, it is all about Content Creation.


Don’t be alarmed if you aren’t 100% sure what that is; because there isn’t exactly a definition. But ever since the Bloggers and Influencers became the new Paris Hilton’s of this world, with their front row positions cemented, content creation is the only way to go for brands & companies of this era.

For me, and my fellow millennials - the concept is so familiar that it borders on becoming foreign. Every instagram post, every insta story; everything that we create & capture is turned into content which is in turn consumed by our respective audiences. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t vying for that influencer title with a blog link or YouTube channel in your description; you are still feeding into that world.

So we know how to do it; just like learning how to ride a bike, it’s in our systems. And even though all of this stuff has been around for so long now, it has taken the media world a little longer to catch on. But now that they have, I, along with all those others with “Devil Wears Prada” aspirations have had to move with the trend.


In my opinion, the basic concept of journalism no longer exists and anyone who is still choosing to continue with the old ways are guaranteed to fall behind into the vast abyss. You can’t just do print journalism anymore, or just an online version, or just have a social media presence. You have to do it all; and more than that you have to execute it flawlessly.

The days of cute flat-lays and OOTD’s are over. You need the professionally taken photographs (which look candid), a precisely edited video and possibly a cute puppy - just to even be in the game with the big guns.

Personally, I accept the challenge. I LOVE creating content - videos, blogs, articles, instagrams - the whole chi-bang. We all have our love hate relationships with social media and the way that it has shaped us; but it is impossible to stay away from it.

It is literally a job in itself now. There is no end to the opportunities that creating content can provide. I may be selling myself out of a job here; but don’t limit yourself to one line of work. In an ever-changing world, which is posted on every social media platform, to be malleable is the only way forward.

I guess this was a pep talk for you, and for me. After my little blog hiatus, I am back and ready to go again.

No limitations. No restrictions. Lots of cheesy punchlines.

Zoë x

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