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Dumb Blonde

Dumb Blonde

Fun Fact about me - I went through a period in my childhood where all I made were 'Blonde' jokes. I found them funny... other people however found them confusing... because I was a natural blonde for the entirety of my childhood and I was basically poking fun at myself.

I honestly have no idea why I insisted on telling the most rambly blonde jokes to anyone who would listen at the time. I guess I just never understood why people would assume someone was dumb because of their hair color?

Even though my comedic aptitude for Blonde jokes has finally died out; others still insist on making blonde comments. More than that, people (whether intentionally or not) still seem to 'judge a book by it's cover' and make assumptions about people on superficial grounds.


For Blondes, you're either the

  • Dumb Blonde
  • The "Bimbo" Blonde
  • Barbie Blonde
  • Spoiled Blonde
  • Bitchy Blonde

You would think that in this overly PC world, that people would be afraid to base their opinions of someone off of what they look like... or how they choose to style their hair.

If you look beyond my own personal attachment for Blondes, you can see this idiotic trend.

So hold on to your hats kids, we're about to delve a little deeper.

Why is it that some people can look at a pretty girl and simply assume that she must be dumb. Or if you see a guy with glasses, he's automatically a nerd. There a billion other examples, these being ironically the most stereotypical. It leaves the people who have been assigned these stereotypes constantly fighting to prove themselves.

I don't know can you argue for and against that as an end result. Is it good for people to go out of their way to prove people wrong? Or could it perhaps be more productive to just hold off on the judgements for a lil while?

"Don't judge a person by their instagram account" could be the new iconic saying of the century... who knows?

Zoë x

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