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I’ve written several posts now in which I have tried to encapsulate my 2017 experience. Clearly, as my blog has been inactive for over 3 months now; none of those attempts were in any way successful. I’m hoping for some sort of third time lucky charm here - because honestly it’s been quite a year.

Ever since I was a little girl, my mom has always told me that everything in life would get better once I flew the nest and started my college existence. Even when I was drowning in puddles of tears, she would just hug me and recite the same phrase over and over.

 “In a few years time, you will be sipping champagne with some amazing people, creating some amazing memories. And then honey, none of this will matter.”

Of course, at the time, I grabbed another tissue and rolled my eyes in between sobs. But of course, she was right and now here I am, about to countdown some of my highlight moments of 2017.

  • The moment of absolute exhaustion mingled with happiness as I sealed up on my final exam paper on the 27th June 2017. I can’t describe to you the moment of elation throwing my once much-loved flashcards in a pile on the floor while I headed out to celebrate surviving exam time.


  • My last Summer at home before college… And even though I couldn’t wait to get out of here (I'm down here for the Christmas), it was really nice to live it up in our last few days of freedom before everything changed. I went to Longitude, chilled with my friends under bridges and had a lot of fun - the kind of memories that I am really happy to have been able to create.


  • The moment of joyous relief and euphoria when I opened my results and realised that all of that anxiety was actually worth it.
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  • The *click* of accepting of accepting my Trinity offer.


  • Making new friends in college, who I am pretty sure I will know and appreciate for the rest of my life.


  • Holding on to my old friends as we all journey on in our newfound lives.


  • Walking to college in the morning with a genuine smile on my face because I love my course, my friends and my life right now. It is of course not perfect, and there are many more things that I want and am working towards. However if I look at where I am now, and look back at the dark hole that I have emerged from, 2017 was pretty kickass.

I don’t want to write this to ‘boast’ about getting to a happy place in my life without acknowledging the fact that I, like so many of those on the internet, insist on sharing their highlight reels. Everyone has their down periods, their low moments and no one wants to dwell on that. But I don’t want you to leave here thinking that everyone else’s life is perfect if you didn’t have a ‘insta-worthy’ looking 2017.

You got this. And if you’re any way as lucky as me, it won’t be long coming.

Another thing that won’t be long coming. MORE CONTENT.

We all know why I gave it up but I’ll be back at it again in 2018… if anyone has stuck around to hear me.

Zoë x


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