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*I would like to start this post with the millennial shame that I did not know what ICYMI actually meant... I had to google it. Oops.

Don't worry this isn't just a comprehensive list of my study plan! A couple of things have actually happened! I have been working away at various events lately and I thought you might want to see what you have missed :)

So here's the 411 from the past month!

(I thought that sounded cool...)


Your girl turned 18!

I'm finally legal - I can vote, I can drink and I can speak as a legal ADULT!


I got to have a fun filming day with the people from Kerry Expo. (Which you can now watch here)

I am really glad that this whole YouTube and blog thing has given me the confidence and the ability to stand in front of a camera (and a room full of people) and yammer away like I was alone in my room.

Very random skill, but useful in situations like this!


Years of studying YouTube videos, skimming through endless blogposts and trying out billions of beauty products finally paid off!

Was delighted to be apart of the judging panel at the Connect Hair and Beauty Awards and be able to lend a teen voice to the mix!

Congratulations to all the winners :)

Back on YouTube

I ran out of excuses not to be uploading to my YouTube channel - and even though I have already been onslaughted with random aqquaintances sending me screenshots and videos of them watching (it's still mortifying for me) - I am glad to be back on line!

I'm currently in the midst of my leaving cert orals, but when those are over, hopefully I can get a bulk of videos done before the whole LC comes around!

Leave your requests below :)

The Power of the Fashion Industry

The Power of the Fashion Industry

Why Kerry?

Why Kerry?