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The Power of the Fashion Industry

The Power of the Fashion Industry

"Well you really landed on your feet with that one"

This is my English Composition from my LC Mock Exam. I have to tell you that I practically pirouetted with joy when I saw that "the power of the fashion industry on the young people of today" was offered as a title. You can't say that I didn't have enough background material to draw on for that one...

So I copied it down from my exam script and here it is for you to enjoy; let me know what you think...

We are all slaves to the fashion industry. Whether we like it or not, fashion is the art for that we can never escape. I am lucky in the fact that I don't want to escape. I want to dive down the rabbit hole of silks, slips and stilettos and emerge as a style savvy fashion encyclopaedia. I am not alone in my pursuit of the elusive fashion elite; I am joined by an army of young girls and boys that believe that the latest issue of Vogue is the new bible.

The millennial of today are all seeking a new form of self expression, and fashion seems to be the only tool that has stood the test of time. What better way to express our external struggles and mental angst than through the medium of clothing? The formula has remained largely the same in terms of expression; allowing us to ascertain certain character types by the clothes they adorn themselves with. If I see someone with Doc Martins and a chain - goth. If I see a girl in kickback runners and a hoodie - a tomboy. If I wear a short skirt and a low cut top? Well... you get where I'm coming from. We are all clotheshorses, desperately trying to express our individuality through scraps of fabric and rubber.

I don't care to deny that I am influenced by those who dominate my instagram feed. If a girl looks cute in a pair of ripped denim jeans, maybe I want some. Or perhaps if a girl I know looks amazing in a red dress, then I may be tempted to emulate that. It's a constant cycle. Our generation of young people are all beginning to morph into one stereotype. Despite our search for individuality, we can all be accused of morphing into a bunch of Kylie Jenner clones. She just happens to be on top pf the chain right now, but she didn't decide to wear something because it came to her in a dream. She decided to wear something because it came to her in a little white box from Fendi or Gucci or Prada.

Nothing that we wear is not in some way related to fashion. Despite several people's attempts to defy the power of the fashion industry, it is inescapable. You may not be "in fashion" right now but that does not mean that once upon a time a designer didn't think up what you are wearing at this very moment. It may have trickled down through the ranks and ended up in a clearance bin at Penney's, but the hands of fashion's elite still stain it. We would be fools to pretend otherwise.

I would consider myself to be quite a fashionable person. I would also like to consider myself to be someone who can march to the beat of my own drum. Unfortunately, in the world of fashion, these statements pose dramatic conflicts of interest. I don't decide what I wear, the fashion industry does. Yes, I may pull something on in various states of consciousness every morning, but it's not really me.There comes a point where we have to realise that the reins are held by a more powerful entity than us, and we have relinquised our power entirely, The fashion industry says black is in, we wear black. They tell us that animal print is the new thing, we all transform into various animals from the jungle. They tell us stone washed jeans are 'so last season', there is suddenly a mass burning commencing in our backyards. It's like we have entered into a game of 'Simon Says' but we have seem to have forgotten the rule book.

The fashion industry wasn't able to seize power overnight. They have a number of clotheshorses clip clopping into the chicest coffee shops adorned in the wears of the next up and coming designer. They have another round of them galloping around the cities capitals with logos emblazened on their butts. They have scores of socialites sauntering into soirées with iconic red soles attached to their feet. I am a personal slave to the fashion industry because of the power that it holds over me. I want a Prada bag and a Fendi clutch because some clotheshorse higher up in the hierarchy than me has one. At least I can admit it. 

You may criticise the young people of today for slipping so readily into this slave status, but I beg you to hold back your critique and simply place yourself in our shoes. (They may be a bit tight but we will see how we will go) I am a young person, so I can speak from experience when I say that we have no choice in the power the fashion industry has over us. It's absolutely everywhere. (Unless you have been hanging around any nudist beaches lately that is...) If you scroll through my feeds, you will see a collage of fashion statements, red carpet appearances and ads for the latest clothing. Of course I'm going to be influenced by that. Of course this constant bombardment of fashion is going to have an impact on me.

Am I saying that fashion is a bad thing? No. I do admit that it is scary how much power and influence it has over us, but I think that has to be accepted. I love fashion. I love swathing myself in plush fabrics - anything from the silky sundresses to shiny stilettos; sign me up. Fashion is an outlet, an escape, a wonderland of possibility. I can't draw, dance or sing but fashion gives me the ability to express my creativity through another medium. I'm willing to follow the rules of the road, or in this case, runway; and I'm willing to let the higher power of the fashion hierarchy guide me along that journey.

If I can feel good in what I am wearing I will happily dance to the beat of the fashion industry's drum; and I will see all my millennial's behind me, dancing in unison.

That is the power of fashion.


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