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The Post Mortem

The Post Mortem

I'm officially done. The stress, strain and study that was my leaving cert experience is finally behind me and god I could not be happier.

I can't quite work out if everyone else experienced the same thing that myself and my friends did. We are/were going for high points and we were willing to break our backs to get them. I know myself that the points that I want would be at the highest end of the spectrum in terms of my capability. So it wasn't as if I could afford to be taking days off. I studied every day for over 8 hours a day in the final push, and wasn't far off that since the mocks. My mom practically begged me to stop studying - so it was solely my determination that was driving me forward.

I'm sure that my Twitter followers thought that I was bound to major in drama for the amount of complaining that I did. But it actually came to the point where I was rocking back and forth on my floor, surrounded by my notes and enclosed in an bubble of anxiety - incapable of holding a conversation because the only thing that my eyes could process was the information in front of me, if even that.

Let's just hope that it was all worth it.

After sitting the LC, I would say that I can form a pretty estimated opinion on the whole thing. To a certain extent, you have to admit that a lot of it is luck. You can get a really nice paper, and be blessed with something that plays to your strong suits. Or you can be given something that is truly incomprehensible and doesn't allow you to show off all you have learned (I'm looking at you Economics..)

The amount of indirects on twitter to the SEC were absolutely hilarious. The amount of tears shed because of some interesting decisions by ageing adults in a boardroom... Not so funny. I don't know how to fix it, but there needs to be changes made. People need to have the opportunity to showcase their ability in such a way that it doesn't all come down to a single exam and a crappy paper.

Then I hear that there isn't even enough exam correcters? So there is a great chance that I could have a retired biology teacher correcting my History Exam. Sounds fair??

You may just write me off as an angsty teenager with an attitude problem and a tendency to slam any power above myself. That's completely untrue. Okay.. I may have a bit of a sarcasm complex but this is my future education, which in turn will most likely dictate where I end up in life - so my apologies for getting heated about it.

Also - just a shout out to all those strong souls who repeated their LC this year. If you worked that hard for 3 years now, you deserve to get what you want. I honestly couldn't put myself under the mental or physical strain of such a process, so go you. Have a drink on me. Or several. #Zoëisabadinfluence

With all that behind me - it's time to get my blogging hat back on, and my YouTube Channel will finally be getting some attention again. Hope you'll join me on the ride.

Onwards and Upwards my friends.... Or you know something poetic like that.

Zoë x

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Life of a Leaving Cert

Life of a Leaving Cert