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Lancôme Matte Shakers | Review & Swatches

Lancôme Matte Shakers | Review & Swatches

Last year, Lancôme released their Juicy Shakers, the first step in replacing their infamous Juicy Tubes. The cute packaging and the shaking movement had a lot of people hooked, but it was very different for those who are die-hard fans of the original ie. my mom.

But these 'Matte Shakers' are something totally different all together and instead of being like a shiny lipgloss, they are more along the lines of a liquid lipstick kind of formula, in an easy to apply, more on the go kind of way. As a Kylie Lip Kit fan, I was all for trying these guys when they all arrived in the post. My exams may have delayed me in the trying, but I have been using these little guys lately! (And so has my mom - maybe we have converted her..)

I particularly wanted to try all of these out because Lancôme is clearly trying to aim towards a younger audience with the branding that they have done for these shakers, and by hiring Taylor Hill and Lily Collins as ambassadors. So, as a millennial, I thought it would only be fair to allow Lancôme to shake (pun intended) off their classic 'older women' stereotype and give these guys a go!

So, if you want to know how I feel about these little shakers (I know I keep saying little but the packaging is just so dotey!) - then read on!

Packaging & Formula


This whole idea seems a little odd when you first encounter it, since we are all used to the more 'run of the mill' doe foot applicators.

The idea is that it should be a really quick application process, with the applicator soaking up all of the product with a few shakes. The formula also doesn't separate like the Juicy Shaker, so the shaking action is really just to get the product on the sponge. I will say that you get very fond of this type of application but the product does tend to build up at the top of the sponge and you can get more product than perhaps you wanted.

Also, although this kind of applicator is perfect for touch ups throughout the day, it needs precision at the start - you almost want a lip liner as it is pretty damn hard to 'stay within the lines'. But like all things, it just takes a bit of getting used to.

The formula is designed to give you a 'second skin' kind of feeling and is so intense in colour (once you build it up to the level that you want) is not going to budge! In many ways, it feels more like a stain formula rather than a liquid lipstick as it feels like you have nothing on at all. I haven't given it the 'kiss test' myself (don't worry Mom) but I would say it would hold up pretty well. ;)



Unfortunately some of these shades came out looking a little similar in the shot - but hopefully you may be able to see them clearer in the other pictures below :)

Energy Peach


It may be unlike any peaches that I have ever seen, but I am quite fond of this color. Probably just because I am usually quite 'boring' with my lip color choices. I usually opt for Nudes (how scandalous lol) with my favorites being Urban Decay Vice nude range. But for other days, the formula may sway me towards this as it is very lightweight and 'casual'... If that makes any sense what so ever! There is clearly I reason I don't do beauty reviews very often! :)

Beige Vintage

Another very safe color choice, and probably one of my favs from these guys for that very reason.

(BTW Is my eyebrow in these pics bugging you as much as it's bugging me :D)

Yummy Pink


I'm not going to lie it took me a very long time for me to distinguish between which shade was which with these pinks!

But it's clearly making me smile...

Pink Power

GIF pinkk.gif

This shade has a little bit more of a punch and although I think a lipliner is definitely required for this one - I'm a big fan.

Magic Orange

If I hadn't had to try all of these on for you guys, you best believe that I would have run a MILE from this color. The idea of an orange lipstick never made any sense to me but honestly I actually quite like how it looks on.

I thought I would look like I had gotten into a pumpkin-orientated Halloween theme too early in the season - but thankfully this is actually quite subtle. Not sure if I'm totally converted yet though - your thoughts?

Red'Y in 5

By my smiles, you can clearly tell that I will forever be a sucker for a bit of red lipstick.

If I was a more daring individual - I think this would be a perfect 'daytime' red as, although it has a bit of punch and is very buildable, it could be more of a stain for your more daily activities.

If I ever get brave enough, I'll let you know.



Overall, I really like these Matte Shakers and the effect that the give. More than anything I love the feel they give your lips (even though matte they aren't drying) as I have genuinely forgotten about having them on. They are easy to top up and the shaking is an added bonus!

I'm not sure if I would trade in my Lip Kits for them just yet - but I would recommend that you give them a shot. Particularly the lighter shades... No bias there at all.

Zoë x



*Also just to be super honest, I gave my skin a touch up in the shots above as I am still suffering from many stress related breakouts! Just in case you were wondering, no concealer is that good when facing a good camera!!

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