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Style Profile | Amanda Steele

Style Profile | Amanda Steele

I am very much a watcher of fashion. One look at my insta or twitter feeds, and you know that for sure. Practically everyone I follow, other than the people that I actually know in real life, I usually follow them for inspiration. Not just fashion inspiration mind you, but a lot of them would tend to swing in that direction; which makes sense as that is the industry that I hope to enter.

I have a series on here called "Style Icons", and I have rounded up a number of people who I garner inspiration from over time but I wanted to focus in on some of my favorites considering some of you enjoyed my last few posts!

I guess in our social media age it makes sense that we gain fashion inspiration from a wide array of places - mostly instagram with the birth of the 'ig models'! I know that I have done a whole post on the Instagram culture, and how these lifestyles aren't actually real or attainable - but the clothes they wear are pretty darn cute.

Possibly the one girl online who gives me the most style envy is Amanda Steele - a YouTuber and Internet Star who is fast making a name for herself in the elite fashion world. I personally adore her style, and how much it can change and evolve over a short period of time. She mixes brands, vintage pieces and carries an air of sophistication and chicness everywhere she goes.

Basically I'm obsessed - and I thought you may also like to 'steal her style' or gain the same level of inspiration that I do from her!

Street Style

I wait with anticipation for every new look that Amanda puts together, as they continue to inspire me. I may not be able to wear a lot of these looks (as I do live in Ireland and just wish I had the guts!) but I take little tips and tricks from each. 

I just love the edginess that oozes off of each of her ensembles and the way that she can funk certain pieces up, but also keeps many other of her looks beautifully simple. Of course not everything she wears is my cup of tea - I do like to think that I have some style creds myself - but you have to give her props for the 'fits' that she wears on an everyday basis.


Makeup goals.

Considering she began her career as 'MakeupbyMandy24' it makes total sense that she is quite handy with the ol' makeup brush. Flawless skin and statement eyes is her signature but I am also very much a fan of her no makeup days.

That glow though.

Event Style

Being one of the biggest (and edgiest) influencers out there at moment - Amanda appears at numerous events, each look drastically different to the next.

I know that she occasionally works with a stylist, but many of her looks for these snazzy events are still just styled by her. My favorite part is perhaps that she can transform from edgy princess to sleek and chic queen with ease. She pulls off both looks with class - but I do have a preference for her more rocker chic vibes.

One thing is for sure, she is definitely someone to watch out for, in terms of style and business in the next year! 

I hope you enjoyed my little dissection of her style - a nice break from some of my more philosophical and lengthy posts that's for sure. I will forever be obsessed with piecing looks together and planning outfits myself, but it is nice to look to others for inspiration and to imagine delving into their wardrobes!

Let me know if you enjoy these 'Style Profiles' and I'll try to do more in the future. (Any excuse for me to trawl through endless pictures of outfits I guess!)

Zoë x


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