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Starting YouTube

Starting YouTube

I started YouTube a number of years ago now, and have been pursuing it (on and off) since then. It's been an interesting journey, predominantly positive; and throughout this journey, I am always commended and applauded for doing YouTube, and the main question I get asked is "How do you have the confidence to start a YouTube?" or "How do I start one?".

Even though being a 'YouTuber' is very common today, there is still a lot of taboo surrounding starting a channel, especially if you are from a small town.

I am from that small town and I started one. But for me, it wasn't a huge bold move. It was more the fact that I was completely oblivious to the criticism and judgement that I could face from starting one. I just got my camera, and taking Leanne Woodful (my first YouTube love) as my inspiration, I sat down and filmed perhaps the most cringey video of all time and uploaded it.

I didn't think about a name or a 'brand', set up my channel as Zoë O'Connor, and just moved on with it. I've been going from there, and it's only in more recent times that I have actually become more concerned about what people think. But after all the work that I have put in, there isn't a hope that I am going to give it all up now simply because people see me as 'full of myself' or 'weird' for having a YouTube. (Oh I've heard worse)

You could do the exact same. I'm not holding myself up as the 'poster child' for how to do a YouTube - far from it - especially as I'm sure you have so many inspirations and idols to look to for all of that. But I am saying that, if you so desire, you could start one.

If you want to get all technical about it; you do of course need a few things.

You need:

  • A camera (or good quality camera phone)
  • A tripod (or a stack of books and some balancing skills!)
  • Editing Software (of any kind, I still only use iMovie)

Aside from that, and obviously most importantly, you need something to actually talk about. So many people start YouTube's nowadays without actually having any interest in what they make videos about. They just do it because other people are doing it - and making money from it. That's no way to approach it and I can guarantee you that it won't last long. I started YouTube on a whim - but it soon became an extension of my blog. Something which I am already really proud of it and really passionate about.

You have so so many options. You could, like me, make videos on fashion, lifestyle and beauty or you could be like Tana Mongeau and make storytimes. Or you could do challenges, or daily vlogs or you could just be funny. The options are endless, you just need the guts to start.

If you have everything you need, and the only obstacle that you face are the thoughts of your peers... Excuse my rudeness but you need to tell that voice in your head and the voices of your supposed 'friends', who are holding you back, to bloody well f**k off.

Yes, you will get hate. Yes, you will feel very conscious of yourself, you are placing yourself in a vunerable position by putting yourself out in the world. But, if it is something that you are passionate about and something that you want to do, then go out there and do it.

I will proudly be rooting you on from the sidelines.

I would love to write more about my YouTube journey, and how I like to approach to creating content for the web, let me know if you have any interest in reading that! For now though, why don't you have an ol' gander at my YouTube channel, watch my latest video and hit that big red subscribe button while you are at it! It would be very much appreciated as I finally dive back into all of that filming stuff again after exams!

Thank you for supporting me so far - I appreciate everything that you all do for me. Every view, every comment, just everything. You make all the criticism worth it.

Zoë x

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