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Style Profile | Zendaya

Style Profile | Zendaya

You seemed to like my style profile of Amanda Steele - so I decided to continue the trend by focusing in on another hot millennial.

This time I decided to look at renowned Style Goddess Zendaya Coleman who is an upcoming actress, but many people would probably know her more for her fashion choices rather than her actor creds.

She is famous for being a sort of 'style cameleon' and being able to pull off pretty much anything! She is not afraid to change up her look often and can go from an elegant princess to a sassy trendy queen. I know that she always credits her stylist 'Luxury Law' as he goes on instagram, and it seems that the only time she isn't using him is when she is in her sweats, and even then she radiates serious style sass. 

So I rounded up a few of my favourite looks of hers in recent times - hope that you can take some inspo from it all.

Street Style

Oh what I would do to raid her wardrobe.

I know that some of these looks are not techincally 'street' as she is obviously heading to various events, but if they're taken on the pavement I'm counting them!

(My favs have to be the top left, top right and the middle bottom.. what's yours?)


My heartbeat actually quickens looking at these looks because WOW!!!

Just snatched every damn time I can't. Each is so different but she can carry them all with an ease that some of the top models in the world can only dream of.

I may not be a fan of every single one as some are even too daring for me. But it can be said that she gets it right a lot more times than she gets it wrong. I love the pops of color that she throws in, and her preference for D&G but more than anything just the fact that you never really know what she is going to do next.

When I see the red carpet looks roll in after all the big events, I search for her in the line-up and she definitely keeps me on my toes!

A Style Queen well in the making that's for sure.

(And her name also starts with a 'Z' so that makes me pretty happy... it's the little things!)

Zoë x


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